Al Muharraq Governorate

Al Muharraq Governorate

The Muharraq Governorate (ArB|محافظة المحرق; transliterated: Muhafazat al-Muharaq) is one of the five governorates of Bahrain. It includes parts of the municipalities of Al Hadd and Al Muharraq.

The centre of Muharraq contains some of the oldest residential properties in the Kingdom, many of which have been rented out by their Bahraini owners to expatriate workers. There are also many buildings of historic interest in the town's crowded lanes, including the Shaikh Isa bin Ali House, Siyadi House, the wind towers, and the neighbourhood of journalist Abdullah Al Zayed House, as well as the impressive Arad Fort.

The government has been accused on not putting enough money into the restoration of these historic sites to turn them into tourist attractions. The head of Salafist Asalah party, Ghanim Al Buaneen, responded to news that the government was to invest BD5 million into protecting these sites by dismissing the amount as too little and said the island needed between BD50 million and BD100 million for the facelift of entire old areas. Al-Menbar Islamic Society MP Dr Ali Ahmed said the effort to preserve Bahrain's traditions had not been a success story due to the government's poor planning and the public unawareness about the initiatives. “Although Muharraq has a lot to offer to tourists, how can we attract them if most of our traditional sites are in crowded areas?" []

Local councillor Majeed Karimi came to international prominence in 2005 when his spearheaded Islamist party, Al Wefaq's campaign decided to ban lingerie mannequins, blaming them for rising divorce rates in the area. While Al-Menbar Islamic Society local councillor, Saleh Al Jowder, launched his bid for a parliamentary seat in 2006's election by announcing that the council would deal with complaints about peeping toms by fitting all multistorey buildings with one way glass so that residents cannot see out.

Muharraq island is also the site of Bahrain International Airport, although the local Asalah MP has called for it to be relocated because the sound of aeroplanes landing and taking off has disturbed local residents.

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