A householder is a person who is the head of a "household"; see House.

Householder is also a family name:
*Alston Scott Householder, American mathematician Mathematical topics named after A.S. Householder:
** Householder transformation in geometry and linear algebra
** Householder's method for finding roots of equations
*Larry Householder, American Republican politician
*Ronney Householder, late American racecar driver

In a religious context:
* In Buddhism, "householder" (Pali, "gahapati") often appears to be used synonymously for "layperson" and in juxtaposition to a Buddhist monastic (one who has "abandoned home").
* In Hinduism, according to the Laws of Manu, "householder" ("grihastha") refers to the second of four stages ("ashrama") of life, typified by marriage, children and financial stability. (Also see, Stages of life for a twice-born man.)

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