Ymer Island

Ymer Island

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name = Ymer Island

image caption =
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Location map|Greenland|lat=73.116667|long=-24.566667
map_custom = yes
native name = Ymer Ø
native name link = Danish language
nickname =
location = East Greenland
coordinates = coord|73|7|N|24|34|W|type:isle|display=inline,title
archipelago =
total islands =
major islands =
area = convert|2437|km2|sqmi|0|abbr=on|lk=on
highest mount = Angelin Bjerg [ [http://www.peakbagger.com/peak.aspx?pid=709 Angelin Bjerg - Peakbagger.com ] ]
elevation = convert|1900|m|ft|0|abbr=on|lk=on
country = Greenland
country admin divisions title = County
country admin divisions = Tunu
country admin divisions title 1 =
country admin divisions 1 =
country admin divisions title 2 =
country admin divisions 2 =
country capital city =
country largest city =
country largest city population =
country leader title =
country leader name =
country 1 =
country 1 admin divisions title =
country 1 admin divisions =
country 1 capital city =
country 1 largest city =
country 1 largest city population =
country 1 leader title =
country 1 leader name =
country 2 =
country 2 admin divisions title =
country 2 admin divisions =
country 2 capital city =
country 2 largest city =
country 2 largest city population =
country 2 leader title =
country 2 leader name =
population = 0
population as of =
density =
ethnic groups =

Ymer Island ( _da. Ymer Ø) is an island in Tunu county, Northeast Greenland. Its area is 2,437 km². It is mountainous (highest peak is Angelin Bjerg at 1900 m). The island is a part of Northeast Greenland National Park, the largest national park in the world. It is named for the giant Ymir, the forefather of the Jotuns.


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