List of settlements in the Falkland Islands

List of settlements in the Falkland Islands

This is a list of towns and settlements on the Falkland Islands.

*Ajax Bay (East Falkland)
*Beaver Settlement (on Beaver Island)
*Bluff Cove Settlement
*Bombilia House
*Burnside House
*Camp Verde (Campo Verde)
*Carcass Island Settlement (see Port Patterson)
*Ceritos (Cerritos)
*Chartres Settlement (West Falkland)
*Darwin Settlement (East Falkland)
*Dos Lomas
*Douglas Settlement (Douglas Station) (East Falkland)
*Dunnose Head Settlement
*Estancia House
*Fitzroy North
*Fitzroy Settlement (Fitzroy South)
*Foam Creek Settlement (Foam Creek House)
*Fox Bay East Settlement (East Settlement, Bahia Fox) (West Falkland)
*Fox Bay West Settlement (West Settlement) (West Falkland)
*Goose Green Settlement (East Falkland)
*Green Patch Settlement (East Falkland)
*Hill Cove (West Falkland)
*Hope Cottage
*Hope Place (Lafonia/East Falkland, abandoned)
*Horseshoe Bay
*Johnson's Harbour (East Falkland)
*Keppel Settlement (on Keppel Island)
*Lively Settlement (on Lively Island)
*Mare Harbour Rancho
*Mariqueta (Mariquita)
*Mid Rancho
*New Island Settlement (on New Island)
*North Arm Settlement (Lafonia)
*Orqueta (Horqueta)
*Pebble Island Settlement (Pebble Island Farm) (on Pebble Island)
*Piedra Sola
*Port Albemarle (West Falkland)
*Port Egmont (on Saunders Island) (abandoned)
*Port Howard (West Falkland)
*Port Louis Settlement (Puerto Luis, Anson's Harbour, Port St. Louis, Puerto Soledad) (East Falkland)
*Port Louis South (East Falkland?)
*Port Patterson (Carcass island)
*Port San Carlos Settlement (East Falkland)
*Port Stephens Settlement (West Falkland)
*RAF Mount Pleasant (Air Force Base) (East Falkland)
*Rincon Grande Settlement (East Falkland)
*Roy Cove Settlement (West Falkland)
*Salvador (Salvador Settlement Corrall (East Falkland)
*San Carlos (San Carlos Estate) (East Falkland)
*Sand Fountain (Cantera de Arena)
*Saunders Island Settlement (on Saunders Island)
*Speedwell Island Settlement (on Speedwell Island)
*Spring Point Settlement (West Falkland)
*Stanley (Port Stanley, Puerto Argentino) (capital) (East Falkland)
*Teal Inlet Settlement (Evelyn Station) (East Falkland)
*Walker Creek (Lafonia)
*Weddell Settlement (on Weddell Island)
*Westpoint Island Settlement (on Westpoint Island)

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