Grasso's industrial refrigeration equipment

Grasso's industrial refrigeration equipment

Grasso is a Dutch manufacturer of reciprocating and screw compressors, packages, chillers and other components for industrial refrigeration. Their products are distributed worldwide to contractors, distributors and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's).

Grasso is founded by Willem Grasso in 1858. It has its main office in The Netherlands and factories in The Netherlands and Germany, has sales offices all over the world.

Grasso is the leading company of the Refrigeration Division of the multinational GEA Group AG in Bochum, Germany. The GEA Group employs around 17,500 people in approximately 50 countries and consists of more than 250 operating companies. GEA Group sales in 2005 are roughly 4.5 billion Euro.

"The headquarters in Den Bosch"


The various companies within GEA‘s Refrigeration Division deliver many components and services for refrigeration systems:

• Industrial refrigeration valves from Revalco, The Netherlands

• Air coolers and air cooled condensers from Goedhart Cooling Equipment, The Netherlands

• Evaporators and condensers from Küba Kältetechnik, Germany

• Spiral freezers from Matal, France

• Flake ice machines from Geneglace, France.


Grasso is founded in 1858 by Willem Grasso. Grasso produces steam engines, tobacco benches, coffee processing machines, flax and stone forming machines at this time. Willem Grasso builds a new factory (a steam engine factory and forge) and sells the 26th steam machine in 1868. In 1888, 18 people worked for Grasso. Six years later, his son Henri takes over the business. Henri Grasso moves the factory of butter/margarine machines from 's-Hertogenbosch to much larger premises at Vught, The Netherlands. The name of the factory is enormous: "'s-Hertogenbossche Machinefabriek Ketelmakerij en IJzer- en Metaalgieterij Henri Grasso". Henri has to provide 100 houses for his employees. In the same year Henri Grasso starts a department specializing in refrigeration engineering.In 1912, Henri moves the business back to 's-Hertogenbosch. Around this time, around 150 people work for him. After the economic crisis in 1937, that number of people is reduced to 50. In World War II, the factory gets almost totally destroyed, but after that, Grasso makes a new start and is soon rebuilt.Since April 1999 the GEA group has been a part of mg technologies group. The total mg group employs about 32,000 people in some 50 countries and consists of more than 450 operating companies.

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