Kerr (surname)

Kerr (surname)

:"For people with the given name, see Kerr (given name). For other uses, see Kerr."Kerr is a surname, traditionally pronounced either 'cur', 'care' or 'carr'. In Scotland, it is pronounced 'kehr' with a trilled 'r' and the vowel sounded as long 'eh' as in egg. See Clan Kerr for the Scottish origins.Family name
name = Kerr

pronunciation = "cur", "care" or "carr"
meaning =
region = Scotland
origin =
related names =
footnotes =


* Alex Kerr, Japanologist
* Andrew Kerr (festival co-founder)
* Andy Kerr, Health Minister of scotland
* Alfred Kerr, German journalist, critic and writer
* Archibald John Kerr Clark Kerr, 1st Baron Inverchapel, British diplomat


* Baine Kerr, Houston lawyer
* Ben Kerr, Canadian author
* Bill Kerr, actor
* Bobby Kerr, Irish-Canadian sprinter
* Brian Kerr, Irish soccer manager
* Brian Kerr (footballer)
* Brook Kerr
* Brooke Kerr, American actress
* Bruce Kerr, CEO


* Charles Hope Kerr
* Charles Kerr, 1st Baron Teviot
* Clark Kerr, first Chancellor of the University of California, Berkeley
* Cristie Kerr, American golfer
* Christine Kerr


* Daniel Kerr
* David Kerr, several people, including
** David Kerr (Northern Irish politician), Chair of the Third Way group
** David Kerr (UK politician) (born 1923), British Labour Member of Parliament 1964–1970
** David Kerr (cinematographer), British cinematographer
* David Kerr, 1930s Celtics coach
* Deborah Kerr (1921-2007), British film actress
* Dickie Kerr
* Don Kerr
* Donald Kerr, Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence
* Duncan Kerr, Australian politician


* Euan Kerr, Scottish comic magazine editor, D. C. Thomson & Co. Ltd


* Fergus Kerr
* Frank John Kerr, Australian astronomer and physicist


* George Albert Kerr
* George Fraser Kerr
* George H. Kerr
* Gordon Kerr
* Graham Kerr


* Hugh Kerr


* Jack Kerr
**Jack Kerr (DFC) DFC Canada
* James Kerr - Various people named James Kerr
* James Kerr (Pennsylvania)
* James Kerr (Texas)
* Jamie Allan Kerr
* Jane Kerr
* Jean Kerr
* Jerry Kerr
* Jim Kerr
* John Kerr:
**John Kerr, Australian judge, Governor-General
**John Kerr (1782-1842), Virginia politician
**John Kerr, Jr., North Carolina politician
**John B. Kerr, U.S. Representative from Maryland
**John C. Kerr, Canadian businessman
**John Chipman Kerr VC, Canadian soldier
**John Glasgow Kerr (1824–1901), medical missionary to China with the American Presbyterian Mission
**John Graham Kerr (1869–1957), Scottish embryologist and Member of Parliament
**John H. Kerr, III, North Carolina politician
**Sir John Henry Kerr, colonial governor in British India
**John Law Kerr, golf course architect
**John L. Kerr, former U.S. Senator from Maryland
**John Kerr (broadcaster), Australian radio broadcaster
**John Kerr (US politician), US politician
**John Kerr (actor), who appeared in "Tea and Sympathy" and "South Pacific (later became a lawyer)
**John Kerr (admiral), English admiral
**John Kerr (physicist), Scottish physicist
**John Kerr (soccer), American soccer player
**John Olav Kerr, former British Ambassador to United States
**Sir John Robert Kerr, Australian judge, Governor-General
**John Kerr, Baron Kerr of Kinlochard
**John Kerr (figure skater), Scottish figure skater
* Johnny Kerr
* Josiah Kerr
* Joseph Kerr, politician from Ohio, United States
* Joseph "Joe" Kerr, The Joker from the Batman comics
* Judith Kerr, German writer


* Katharine Kerr, science fiction and fantasy novelist
* Kevin Kerr, Canadian playwright


* Malcolm Kerr, American academic
* Mark Kerr:
** Mark Kerr, American mixed martial artist
** Mark Kerr, 1st Earl of Lothian
** Mark Kerr, British admiral
** Mark Kerr, Scottish footballer
* Mel Kerr
* Michael Kerr, judge, lawyer and author
* Michael C. Kerr
* Miranda Kerr, Victoria's Secret Model


* Orin Kerr


* Patrick Kerr
* Paul Kerr, English football (soccer) player
* Peg Kerr
* Peter Kerr
* Peter Kerr, 12th Marquess of Lothian
* Philip Kerr
* Philip Kerr, 11th Marquess of Lothian


* Ralph Kerr, Royal Navy captain of HMS "Hood"
* R. S. Rait Kerr
* Robbie Kerr
* Robbie Kerr (cricketer)
* Robert Kerr
* Robert Kerr (inventor), Canadian inventor who co-invented IMAX
* Robert Kerr (writer), published "The Animal Kingdom" in 1792
* Robert S. Kerr
* Roger Kerr
* W. Rolfe Kerr, Commissioner of Church Education and an emeritus general authority of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS or Mormon Church)
* Roy Kerr (*1934), discoverer of Kerr metric for rotating black holes

* Schomberg Henry Kerr, 9th Marquess of Lothian
* Scott Kerr
* Sinead Kerr, Scottish figure skater
* Sophie Kerr
* Steve Kerr, basketball player, executive
* Stu Kerr

* Shem Kerr, Gang Leader Of Villawayz


* Walter Kerr
* Warwick Estevam Kerr, Brazilian biologist
* William Kerr, 3rd Marquess of Lothian
* William Kerr, 4th Marquess of Lothian
* William Kerr, 6th Marquess of Lothian
* William Kerr (mayor), Mayor of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
* William Alexander Kerr
* William Johnson Kerr

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