Paolo Magrassi

Paolo Magrassi

Paolo Magrassi, a technologist, is one of the authors of the Supranet concept, the co-creator of the AlphaIC methodology for assessing the value of information technology expenditures, and the manager of the Pontifex project, which in the mid-1980’s introduced a novel approach to complex fleet scheduling. At the turn of the century, Magrassi also was instrumental in introducing to the industrial and commercial world then-emerging miniature RFID and ‘smart object’ technologies such as those proposed by the MIT’s Auto-ID Center [P.Magrassi, "E-Tagging: From Niches to the Supranet", Research Note, Gartner, Stamford (CT), USA, 2001.] [P.Magrassi, “A World Of Smart Objects: The Role Of Auto Identification Technologies”, Strategic Analysis Report, Gartner, Stamford, USA, 2001.] .


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