Pantathians are snakelike people from the novels of Raymond E. Feist. The Pantathians were created by Alma-Lodaka one of the Valheru. They are a death cult who believe that they will become demigods if they succeed in bringing back their mistress. Being a twisted and artificial construct, the Pantathians have a nature that most beings find entirely alien, and are known to be born knowing hatred. The Pantathians were key players influencing the events of the Great Uprising and the Serpentwar. It is believed that the Pantathian race is extinct, victims of both demons from the Fifth Circle, and a genocidal crusade by Calis' Crimson Eagles just prior to the Emerald Queen's invasion of the Kingdom. The last member of the Pantathian race is killed by the Emerald Queen's highest general, Fadawah.

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