Scott (name)

Scott (name)

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Scott is a Gaelic surname of Old Irish origin originating in the Scottish Borders.

The name subsequently became a forename, and the descendants of this kin-group since spread throughout the world giving the name to dozens of towns and cities.Fact|date=March 2008



Scoti or Scotti (Old Irish "Scot", modern Scottish Gaelic "Sgaothaich") was the generic name given by the Romans to Gaelic raiders from Ireland.

First name

*Scott Adams, cartoonist
*Scott Baio, actor
*Scott Dixon, IndyCar Racer
*Scott Fortune, American volleyball player
*Scott Garland (professional wrestler), known as "Scotty 2 Hotty"
*Scott Hall, professional wrestler
*Scott Jaffe, American freestyle swimmer
*Scott Joplin, American ragtime composer
*Scott Koskie, Canadian volleyball player
*Scott Levy, professional wrestler known as "Raven"
*Scott Lucas, various people
*Scott Martin, Australian shot putter and discus throw competitor
*Scott Mosher, Canadian field hockey player
*Scott Mosier, American film producer, editor and cameo actor
*Scott Niedermayer, NHL ice hockey player
*Scott Owen, upright bass player for Australian punkabilly trio The Living End
*Scott Peterson, convicted murderer
*Scott Pilgrim, comic book protagonist
*Scott Podsednik, MLB player for the Chicago White Sox
*Scott Ramsoomair, creator of "VG Cats"
*Scott Raynor, drummer for the band Blink-182
*Scott Rolen, baseball player
*Scott Sanders, American novelist and essayist
*Scott Speed, Formula 1 driver
*Scott Speedman, actor
*Scott Stapp, singer, songwriter, and founding member of the band Creed
*Scott Steiner, professional wrestler
*Scott Stevens, NHL ice hockey player
*Scott Thompson, Canadian television comedian
*Scott Walker (singer), singer
*Scott Weiland, lead singer of Velvet Revolver, formerly of Stone Temple Pilots
*Scott Williams (field hockey player), US field hockey defender

*Scott Evil in the "Austin Powers" films
*Scott Pilgrim, protagonist of an eponymous graphic novel series
*Scott Robinson, a character in the Australian soap opera "Neighbours"
*Scott Summers, or Cyclops (comics), "X-Men" character
*Scott Tracy in Thunderbirds (TV series)
*Scott Tyler in Anthony Horowitz's novel series "The Power of Five"

Middle name

*Orson Scott Card, American science fiction author
*F. Scott Fitzgerald, author, cousin of Francis Scott Key and named for him
*Winfield Scott Hancock, general and candidate for the presidency of the United States
*Francis Scott Key, poet and lawyer, author of the poem that became the U. S. national anthem
*Kimberley Anne Scott Mathers, Eminem's ex wife
*Donald Scott Drysdale, Hall of Fame Pitcher

Last name

*Adam Scott, golfer on the PGA Tour
*Alfred Angas Scott, founder of The Scott Motorcycle Company
*Andrew George Scott (a.k.a. "Captain Moonlite"), 19th century Australian bushranger
*Andrew W. Scott, Australian skilled gambler
*Arthur E. Scott, American professional photographer
*Barbara Ann Scott, Canadian figure-skating champion (Olympic gold-medalist) of the 1940s
*Beckie Scott
*Ben Scott, English cricketer
*Bon Scott, original lead singer of the rock band AC/DC
*Bruce Scott, Australian politician
*Byron Scott, former NBA player and current coach of the NBA's New Orleans Hornets
*Camilla Scott, former talk show host for "Camilla Scott" for CTV between 1996 and 1997
*Charles Prestwich Scott, British journalist
*Charles Scott, various people
*Colin Scott (rugby league), Australian rugby league player
*Cyril Scott, English composer
*Dana Scott, American mathematician
*Danielle Scott-Arruda (née Scott), American Olympic volleyball player
*Darrell Scott, a songwriter
*David Scott, American astronaut
*Dennis Scott, various people
*Doug Scott, mountain climber
*Dred Scott, slave, subject of famous 19th century US Supreme Court case
*Elisabeth Scott, British architect
*Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville, French inventor of phonograph
*Eugenie Carol Scott, American physical anthropologist
*George C. Scott, actor
*George Gilbert Scott, English architect
*Giles Gilbert Scott, English architect and designer of the K6 telephone box
*Hardie Scott, US congressman from Pennsylvania
*Hermon Hosmer Scott, American hi-fi engineer
*Hew Scott (1791-1872), Scottish church minister, author
*Hilary Scott, American singer-songwriter
*Hillary Scott, American actress
*Hugh Scott, US congressman and senator from Pennsylvania
*Hugh L. Scott, US Army Chief of Staff
*Jack Scott, American rock 'n' roll singer
*James Scott, various people
*Jill Scott, American singer-songwriter
*Jimmy Scott, American jazz singer
*Joanna Scott (born 1960), American author, professor at the University of Rochester
*John Scott (Pennsylvania), US senator from Pennsylvania
*John Morin Scott, New York Secretary of State 1778-1784
*Lee Scott (UK politician), UK MP for Illford North
*Lefty Scott, Major League Baseball pitcher
*Lewis Allaire Scott, New York Secretary of State 1789-1793
*Peter Scott, ornithologist, conservationist and painter
*Randolph Scott, actor
*Raymond Scott, American composer and musician
*Richard G. Scott, Apostle of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
*Ridley Scott, film director and producer, brother of Tony Scott
*Robert Falcon Scott, Antarctic explorer and British naval officer
*Seann William Scott, American movie actor
*Selina Scott, British television newsreader
*Sherie René Scott, American actress and singer
*Steve Scott, various people
*Thomas Scott, various people
*Tom Scott, various people
*Tony Scott, film director, brother of Ridley Scott
*Sir Walter Scott, author
*Sir Walter Scott, 1st Lord Scott of Buccleuch
*Walter E. Scott, (aka "Death Valley Scotty") con man, cowboy, resident of Scotty's Castle.
*Willard Scott, TV weatherman and original Ronald McDonald clown
*William Bell Scott, British poet and artist
*William Berryman Scott, American paleontologist
*William L. Scott (Pennsylvania), US congressman
*Winfield Scott, general and candidate for the presidency of the United States
*Zachary Scott, American actor

*Montgomery Scott, character in "Star Trek"
*Lucas Scott, Nathan Scott, Haley James Scott and James Lucas Scott, characters in "One Tree Hill" on CW

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