Fowl family (Artemis Fowl)

Fowl family (Artemis Fowl)

Artemis Fowl Family
name = Fowl
species = Human
members = Artemis Fowl I, Angeline Fowl, Artemis Fowl II, Myles Fowl, Beckett Fowl
parents = Artemis Fowl I, Angeline Fowl
children = Artemis Fowl II, Myles Fowl, Beckett Fowl
other =
appearance = Artemis Fowl
The Fowl Family is a criminal family in the fictional teen series Artemis Fowl by the Irish author Eoin Colfer. It currently consists of nowrap|Artemis Fowl I, his wife nowrap|Angeline Fowl, and the main character of the nowrap|Artemis Fowl series, nowrap|Artemis Fowl II.


Artemis Fowl I

Artemis Fowl I is the husband of Angeline Fowl and the father of Artemis Fowl II. A former crimelord, he decides to move all of the family's assets into legitimate enterprises. After the fall of the Soviet Union, he attempts to create trade connections with Russia. He takes the family ship, the Fowl Star, loaded with 250 thousand cans of cola from Ireland to Russia, but he is intercepted and kidnapped by the Russian Mafiya near Murmansk, Russia. After over a year of not being found, he is declared legally dead by the courts, although his son believes he is alive and continues to search for him.. pg. 14]

Artemis Fowl

Artemis Fowl II is the main character of the Artemis Fowl series. He is the son of Artemis Fowl I and Angeline Fowl. He is commonly referred to as simply "Artemis". It is mentioned several times in the series that he is of extremely high intellect, having contributed to the fictional scientific journal "The Psychologist's Journal" under a pseudonym pg. 11] , and having the "highest tested IQ in Europe"Fact|date=March 2008.

Angeline Fowl

Angeline Fowl is the wife of Artemis Fowl I and the mother of Artemis Fowl II. After the disappearance of her husband, she goes into a state of insanity and depression. She is described by a school counselor as having no control over Artemis' behavior, allowing Artemis to engage in the illegitimate money-making enterprises in and before the first book.

Beckett Fowl

Beckett is mentioned briefly in the latest Artemis Fowl book . He is the younger of the pair of twins. He seems to have average intelligence and is fond of pointing at himself and speaking of himself in the third person. Beckett doesn't seem to realize what certain words mean, as he refers to himself more than once as a 'simple-toon'.

Myles Fowl

The elder and obviously more intelligent of the Fowl twins, Myles is much like Artemis. He potty trained himself at fourteen months, building a ladder of encyclopedias to reach the toilet. Myles is quite bright at the age of two and will undoubtedly prove to be a bit of a challenge for Artemis to handle in the future.


In the Artemis Fowl series, the members of the Fowl family are infamous in the criminal underworld pg. 7 ] , also having an Interpol file the size of a small library.Artemis Fowl pg. # unknown (right after the whaler explosion, when Root comes back to HQ)]


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