List of characters in Kotaro Makaritoru

List of characters in Kotaro Makaritoru

This is a list of characters from the manga series "Kotaro Makaritoru".

Main characters

Koutarou Shindou - A high school aged karate expert who is descended from a long line of ninja. While he may be a fighting genius, he lacks common sense and any inhibitions whatsoever. He spends most of his time getting into trouble with school officials, and trying to steal girls' panties; especially Mayumi's. He is very protective of three things: his long hair, his panty collection, and Mayumi.

Mayumi Watase - Captain of the 7th Discipline Squad, Mayumi is Koutarou's childhood friend and chief romantic interest. She's the only one who seems to be able to keep Koutarou in check. While she's nowhere near Koutarou's level, she's not a damsel in distress. She's got a good grip on the basics of both karate and judo. Mayumi also happens to be a member of the school's Decency League; much to Koutarou's annoyance.

Teruhiko Tenkouji - A bald samurai who patrols the school as the enforcer of the Decency League. Early on, he appears to be the yin to Koutarou's yang, but as the series progresses we learn that he isn't that much different at all. He comes from a high class family and has an iinazuke (fiancé that his parents picked for him) named Sayoko. Being called "baldie" drives him insane.

Recurring Characters

Kyounrou Inemori - The current head Sensei of the Shindo Karate Dojo. He's an extreme pervert that can perform many different tricks with his penis. He is one of the few people that has defeated Kotaro. Kyounrou takes care of Kotaro as if Kotaro was his own brother, and possibly that Kotaro looks him up the same. Kyounrou is currently in love with Tenzen Shikato's granddaughter, Yurie.

Kenji Kisaragi - A kung-fu expert and master of the nine-section staff. While he is very strong (possibly Kotaro's equal), he has a weakness around women (high pressure nosebleeds). He develops somewhat of a crush on Mayumi after saving her from some punks. His real name is Yoshimi.

Momotarou Ushirono - The vice head of the cheerleader squad who serve with an extreme loyalty to his leader, stand on almost the same level as kenji and tenkouji and one of the few whom has fought one on one with kotaro.

Tenzen Shikato

The head of the Cheerleader Squad and the oldest student in the School, Tenzen is one of the top martial artist in the world. He is Kotaro's sensei during the National Tournament, but dismissed him after he saw a better successor of his fighting technique. When Yurie, his granddaughter, asked why he no longer want to train Kotaro, Tenzen's answer was that Kotaro will be the one to surpass him.

Tenzen is also a pervert that perhaps surpass even Kotaro. But even if he's distracted by some pervertial acts, he still could make rational decisions.

Tenzen is also one of the richest men in Japan, owning from a TV station to a giant mansion with 1,000 bunny-ear wearing girls. He is also the founder of the infamous Snakebone Syndicate/Jakotsukai.

Taisou Watase

Jakotsukai Arc

Ichirou Tarako - The student body president who will stop at nothing to see Kotaro defeated and humiliated. He initially offers one million yen to the person who could cut Kotaro's long hair.

Aota & Akai - The duo that frequently appears with Tenkoji. They're mainly there for comic relief.

Masahiko Kimura - The leader of the powerful Judo Club and an enforcer of the Jakotsukai (Snake Bones Gang). He is sent by Beni Bara to test Kotaro's strength.

Beni Bara - The leader of the Jakotsukai and an extremely skilled figher. She generally operates from behind the scenes, preferring to have others do her dirty work for her. She hides a great number of secrets, including one that Kotaro manages to discover to his own horror.

Shunpei Sadoya - Captain of the First Discipline Squad. He's a sadist who likes wearing paramilitary uniforms and beating up people with his whip. His twin brother gouged out his eye when he was younger and he now hides a spring-loaded gag eyeball in its place. He is contracted by Tarako along with Tenkoji to defeat/maim/kill Kotaro through whatever means possible.

Princess Clara's Visit

Princess Clara

Anthony (The giant)

Chris (The fake bodyguard)

King Renaldo

Fred (Prime Minister)

War in D Block

Tatsuya Yoshioka - The newly appointed leader of the Decency League. Despite his bishounen looks and genius IQ he's a capable fighter. Tatsuya is the one who sends Kotaro into D Block to locate the Legacy of the Jakotsukai. He seems to have some hidden agenda.

Megumi Yoshioka - Tatsuya's younger sister who is first seen running from some punks in D Block. She decides to help Kotaro on his mission in D Block. She's rather headstrong, but a pretty good fighter as well.

Nisemono - A worthless thug who attempts to pass himself off as Kotaro in order to rule D Block. After it backfires horribly he decides to become Kotaro's underling instead. His real name is never mentioned, and Kotaro simply calls him 'Nisemono'(lit. Impersonator).

Take the Hedgehog - The former leader of the Punks, the strongest gang in D Block. After losing to the Cyclops gang he is whipped and strung up as a warning to others. When Kotaro rescues him from starvation he decides to become his underling as well.

Ryuhei Sadoya - The ruthless leader of the Cyclops gang and Shunpei Sadoya's twin brother. Where Shunpei's left eye is missing, Ryuhei has a severely disfigured right eye. He is far more skilled than his brother; using two whips simultaneously with far greater effect. He is incredibly sadistic and is prone to vomiting when hearing people talk about things like love and friendship. His goal in D Block is to obtain the Legacy of the Jakotsukai and unite the gangs of Japan under his authority.

Hiromi Kisaragi - The leader of the China Rose Gang and Kenji's elder brother. A pretty transvestite like the rest of the China Rose gang.

chool Tournament

Jiemura Takemi

Naono Kimihiro

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