The Earth Sings Mi Fa Mi

The Earth Sings Mi Fa Mi

Infobox Album
Name = The Earth Sings Mi Fa Mi
Type = studio
Artist = The Receiving End Of Sirens

Released = August 7, 2007
Recorded = SOMD Studios, Beltsville, MD. The Llama Farms, CT.
Mixed = SOMD Studios, Beltsville, MD.
Genre = Experimental rock, Ambient
Length = 60:22
Label = Triple Crown Records
Producer = Matt Squire
Reviews =
*" Abqtrib" (Favorable) [ link]
*"AbsolutePunk" (85%) [ link]
*"Allmusic" Rating|4.5|5 [ link]
*"Alternative Press" Rating|4|5
*"DOA" (Favorable) [ link]
*"Evolution of Media" Rating|4|5 [,%20The&style=Rock%20Alternative link]
*"For The Sound" Rating|4|5 [ link]
*"Mammoth Press" rating-10|7 [ link]
*Music Emissions Rating|5|5 [ link]
*"PastePunk" (Favorable) [ link]
*"" Rating|4|5 [ link]
*"Strange Glue" rating-10|9 [ link]
Last album = "Between the Heart and the Synapse" (2005)
This album = "The Earth Sings Mi Fa Mi" (2007)
Next album =

"The Earth Sings Mi Fa Mi" is the second studio album by Boston experimental rock band The Receiving End Of Sirens. It is the band's first album with guitarist/keyboardist Brian Southall who joined the band after the departure of guitarist/vocalist Casey Crescenzo. This album was produced by Matt Squire (Panic! at the Disco, Boys Like Girls, Hit The Lights). Writing for the album occurred from October 2006 to January 2007. As of August 2, 2007 the retail version of the album was posted for streaming on the band's [ Myspace page] . The album peaked at #130 on the Billboard 200, #3 on Top Heatseekers, and #15 on Top Independent Albums.

Track listing

"All music by The Receiving End of Sirens. All lyrics by Brendan Brown."

# "Swallow People Whole" - 5:44
# "Oubliette (Disappear)" - 4:14
# "The Crop and the Pest" - 4:49
# "The Salesman, The Husband, The Lover" - 6:57
# "Smoke and Mirrors" - 4:13
# "A Realization Of The Ear" - 4:37
# "Saturnus" [previously "Hemi"] - 3:48
# "Wanderers" - 5:05
# "Stay Small" - 3:35
# "Music Of The Spheres" - 2:17
# "The Heir Of Empty Breath" - 7:44
# "Pale Blue Dot" - 7:22

iTunes Exclusive Tracks

* "Weight/Wait" - 6:23
* "The Salesman, The Husband, The Lover" (acoustic) - 6:11


Smoke and Mirrors

Album Background & Inspiration

From the [ album press release] via

"The title, "The Earth Sings Mi Fa Mi" was taken from a book written by a late 16th century astronomical theorist by the name of Johannes Kepler ["Harmonices Mundi"] and the publication just fascinated the band. Kepler’s theory suggested that each of the 9 planets in our solar system produced tones as they orbited the sun. Throughout the orbit, Venus would stay a consistent note that was considered the 6th in relation to the rest of the planets. As Earth would shift its tonality, it would create the effect of the notes moving from the major 6th to the minor 6th and back and forth. This is where the “Mi Fa Mi” comes into action, symbolizing the corresponding syllables when singing a scale in relation to the notes of the earth {Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do}. Kepler further concurred that the Earth “singing” Mi Fa Mi could truly stand for Misery, Famine, Misery and ultimately, that is the song the Earth and Venus continued to sing. Misery, referring to an empty place and Famine, referring to the appetite or thirst for things."

Behind The Record

Through the band's album website, in a section called " [ Behind The Record] ," TREOS discussed a different song from their new record each day, leading up to the release on August 7th - occurring in the same order as the track listing. Each band member put together their personal account of writing and recording each song, which helped fans gain insight into lyrical, song, and conceptual meanings. Along with the entries about each song, 30 second clips of the day's song were uploaded so that fans could listen as they read.


*Alex Bars - guitars, vocals, programming
*Andrew Cook - drums, percussion, programming, glockenspiel
*Brendan Brown - bass guitar, vocals, programming, keys, glockenspiel
*Brian Southall - guitars, programming, keys, glockenspiel
*Nate Patterson - guitars, keys, glockenspiel
*Matt Squire - production, engineering, mixing, additional programming
*Heather Stebbins & Jessica Clough - strings
*Brad Filip - album art and websites ( [ Official Site] )

External links

* [ Official album site] updates from the studio, videos, notes, etc
* [ Official band site]
* [ Strange Glue Review of "The Earth Sings Mi Fa Mi"]

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