AOG Desk

AOG Desk

An AOG Desk is a dedicated aviation manned logistics service. The principal aim of AOG Desk personnel is to obtain the supply of components or services for aircraft in an AOG (“aircraft on ground”) situation (i.e., in emergency situations where aircraft are grounded due to technical failures) in the shortest possible time. Every airline has an AOG Desk—a vital requirement to reduce technical delays. It is estimated that an AOG can cost an airline $150,000 per hour [ [ Boeing Commercial Airplanes Operations Center] ] . Nearly every supplier in the aviation industry (OEM, distributors, parts dealers, and brokers) also maintains an AOG Desk to service calls from airlines searching for critical parts. The term "AOG" is universally recognized throughout the airline/aviation industries. Due to the exorbitant cost of an AOG situation, it is common practice for competitive airlines to mutually support each other (sharing spare parts, tools & manpower)to minimize the duration and domino effect that can occur if an aircraft operator is required to provision their own resources.


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