Gale (disambiguation)

Gale (disambiguation)

The principal meaning of gale is a high wind. A gale is a measure of windspeed on the Beaufort scale.


* Anthony Gale, fourth commandant of the United States Marine Corps
* Bob Gale, motion picture screenwriter
* Bob Gale, English cricketer
* Brendon Gale, Australian rules footballer
* Daniel De Gale, leukemia patient
* David Gale, mathematician
* David Gale, actor
* Ernest Gale, British microbiologist
* George Gale:
**George Alexander Gale, Chief Justice for Ontario, Canada
**George Gale (congressman), from Maryland, 1789-91
**George Gale (journalist)
**George Washington Gale, American Presbyterian minister
* Grant O. Gale, Grinnell College physics professor
* Hannah Gale, Canadian politician
* Henry Gale (1874-1942), American astrophysicist and author
* John Gale (director), Filipino movie director
* John Gale (journalist) (1846 - 1929), editor and founder of the "Queanbeyan Age"
* John Gale (poker player)
* John Gale (theologian) (1680-1721), British Baptist theologian
* Joseph Gale, American pioneer
* Joseph H. Gale, American judge
* Lauren Gale, American basketball player
* Levin Gale, American politician
* Lorena Gale, Canadian actress
* Maura Gale, American voice actress
* Megan Gale, Australian model
* Melvyn Gale, cellist for the Electric Light Orchestra
* Nathan Gale, murderer
* Norman Gale, poet
* Patrick Gale, British author
* Paul Gale, martial arts instructor
* Philip Gale, computer prodigy
* Richard Gale (General Sir Richard Nelson Gale) (1896–1982), British soldier
* Richard Gale (Australian politician) (1834–1931), Member of the Western Australian Legislative Council
* Richard Pillsbury Gale, American politician
* Robert Henry Otley Gale, mayor of Vancouver, British Columbia
* Roger Gale (born 1943), English politician
* Terry Gale, Australian golfer
* Theophilus Gale, 17th century English theologian
* Thomas Gale (1636?-1702), English classical scholar
* Tony Gale, English football player and coach
* Tristan Gale (born 1980), American athlete
* Walter Frederick Gale (1865–1945), Australian banker and astronomer
* Zona Gale, American writer


*Gale Gordon (1906-1995), American actor
*Gale Harold (born 1969), American actor
*Gale Ann Norton (born 1954), U.S. Secretary of the Interior
*Gale Sondergaard (1899-1985), American film actress
*Gale Storm (born 1922), pseudonym of American actress Josephine Owaissa Cottle
*Gale Pollock, acting U.S. Army Deputy Surgeon General

Fictional characters

* Cathy Gale, in the TV series "The Avengers"
* Dorothy Gale, a character in the early 1900s L. Frank Baum "Oz" series, beginning with "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz"
* Henry Gale, Uncle Henry (Oz), Dorothy Gale's uncle
* Henry Gale (Ben Linus), character in the television series "Lost"
* Wayne Gale, in the movie "Natural Born Killers"


* Gale, Wisconsin
* Gale, Illinois
* The Gale River in New Hampshire
* The Gale Crater in Mars


* Gale (Cengage), a publisher of reference books and databases, formerly known as the Gale Group then Thomson Gale
* Gale Messaging, a secure chat system
* "The Life of David Gale", 2003 motion picture
* Myrica gale, a plant, also known as sweet gale
* HMNZS Gale (T04), a minesweeper of the Royal New Zealand Navy

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