Law enforcement in Argentina

Law enforcement in Argentina

In Argentina the most important law enforcement organization is the Argentine Federal Police (equivalent to the FBI in the USA) with jurisdiction in all the Argentine territory. Argentina is a Federal Republic divided into 23 provinces and one federal district, as a result of this most routine police work is carried out by the provincial police (equivalent to state police in the United States), with the exception of the capital city of Buenos Aires (the federal district), where the Argentine Federal Police also assumes the role of the local police.

= Interior Security System =

Federal Agencies

*Argentine Federal Police
*Argentine National Gendarmerie
*Argentine Naval Prefecture
*Airport Security Police
*Federal Penitentiary Service

Provincial Police Forces

*Buenos Aires Provincial Police
*Santa Fe Province Police
*Córdoba Province Police
*Tucumán Province Police
*Salta Province Police
*Santiago del Estero Province Police
*San Juan Province Police
*Mendoza Province Police
*Río Negro Province Police
*San Luís Province Police
*La Rioja Province Police
*Santa Cruz Province Police

Local Forces

*Buenos Aires Urban Guard

Tactical Forces

*Hawk Special Operations Brigade
*Special Operations Troops Company
*Infantry Guard Corps
*Escorpion Group
*Albatross Group
*Federal Special Operations Group
*Special Group One

Intelligence agencies

*Intelligence Secretariat
*Argentine Federal Police Intelligence
*Inteligencia de la Gendarmería Nacional Argentina
*Argentine Naval Prefecture Intelligence
*Inteligencia de la Policía de Seguridad Aeroportuaria
*Inteligencia del Servicio Penitenciario Federal
*Inteligencia de la Policía Bonaerense

Historical secret police organizations

*Sociedad Popular Restauradora ("Mazorca")
*Sección Especial de Represión al Comunismo (SERC) (Special Section for the Repression of Communism)
*División de Información Política Antidemocrática (DIPA) (Political Anti-democratic Information Division)

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