Dowager Empress Khanum Bulugan was a Chinese political leader, part of the Yuan Dynasty in China.

She was born as Princess Bulukhan of the Baya'ud tribe. Her husband Emperor Chengzong of Yuan (Temür Khan) ruled from 1294 to 1307.

In 1307 when Temür Khan died, Bulugan kept away the Khunggirad-mothered brothers of Khayishan and Ayurbarwada and attempted to set up Ananda, a cousin of Temür. The Khunggirad faction arrested Ananda and Bulghan by coup and recalled Ayurbarwada and Dagi from Henan. Then Khayishan decided to hold the coronation ceremony in Shangdu just as his great-grandfather Khubilai Khan did, and advanced southward with the most part of his army. He was welcomed by Ayurbarwada, who gave up khanship, and ascended to the throne. He had executed Ananda and Bulghan before succession.

Bulugan acted as regent for her step-grandson Külüg Khan.Franke, Herbert. "The Cambridge History of China". 1994 Cambridge University Press ISBN 0521214475]


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