Force FM

Force FM

Force FM is UK pirate radio station, broadcasting across London & the surrounding areas on 106.5 MHz FM. The station has been transmitting on or around this frequency since 1994 - and remains one of the UK's most consistent illegal broadcasters.

Force FM is also rebroadcast on the internet, via a fansite set up at []

Force FM Music Policy

One of the reasons Force FM has remained popular and consistent is due to its music policy, which covers a wide spectrum of Dance and Urban music styles. Due to the stations Hardcore/Jungle roots, there is still an evening dedicated to Old Skool Hardcore, and an evening for Drum & Bass/Jungle. The rest of the week sees Hip hop & UK Grime, Hard House/Techno/Breaks & Soulful House claiming nights, with the music through the weekend predominantly House & Garage based.

About Force FM (to be expanded)

Force FM made it first transmissions in 1994, the vision of likeminded people with a love of the music & rave subculture dominating urban areas far & wide. The music policy began as a blend of Hardcore & Jungle, but over the next few years expanded & morphed as new styles took their place in the minds of listeners.

The aim of Force has always been to cater for what the people want, in the true spirit of community (pirate) radio. Along with other pirates, the station continues to drive urban music culture forward in the UK, giving listeners access to new music that is unavailable through mainstream, commercial radio.

The station regularly invites special guests from various genres to present guest shows or give interviews. Previous guests include Drum & Bass stars Andy C, Eksman & Fatman D and Garage icons Agent X, Sunship, Dexplicit & Donaeo, as well as Hip Hop artists such as Skinnyman, MCD, Bubba Sparxx & more.

Noteable Force Presenters (Past & Present)

DJ Ride (went on to DJ on BBC Radio One)
DJ DNA (Happy Hardcore producer)
MC Vapour (MC)
Mentat (UK hip hop DJ & producer)
Riplash & Sus (Bassline/Speed Garage producers with RS Music)
DJ BDM & Ender MC (UK Garage double act/members of production outfit U.S.F, have made guest appearances on stations such as Kiss 100 & BBC 1xtra) Clockwork Romford - Drum n Bass, Dubstep, Breakbeat (DJ's Fazer, Riisu, Lev:L1, Stoko & Stoner) S.U.B - Drum n Bass (K-Tek, A-Man, Funk, Splifa & Bee)

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