List of characters in the Predator series

List of characters in the Predator series

The following is a list of character from the Predator series of films.



Lieutenant Billy Sole (Sonny Landham), is a Native American Scout trained in Jungle Survival and Combat Tracking. He is armed with an M16 with an underslung sawed-off Mossberg 500 ATP6 shotgun. Billy is the first one to notice the Predator is hunting them. Throughout the film it is alluded to that Billy has a sixth sense. At several points during the film he feels the presence of the Predator and becomes spooked. At one point he is so perturbed he stops flat in his tracks. Billy dies after presenting a formal knife fight challenge to the Predator, in order to buy Dutch and the survivors of his team more time to escape. The manner in which he is killed is unknown as only his terrifying scream is heard. Billy's laughter is mimicked in the Predator's dying scene as it activates its self-destruct.


Sergeant Blain Cooper (Jesse Ventura) is a weapons and ordnance specialist, who fought alongside Mac in the Vietnam War and were the only members of their platoon to survive a night-long battle. He often chews tobacco. He does not like Dillon and makes that clear on a helicopter ride by spitting on his boot. His weapon of choice is a modified GE M134 minigun he calls "Ol' Painless," he also carries a MP5 when he needs to be stealthy. As he is searching for Hawkins' body, the Predator shoots him through the chest with its plasma caster, killing him.


Sergeant Rick Hawkins (Shane Black) is the radio operator and combat medic, who tells sexual jokes (often badly to the point that he has to explain the punchline) and reads comic books. He is armed with a H&K MP5A3 submachinegun. As he captures Anna trying to escape, Hawkins becomes the first victim onscreen of the Predator, presumably slashed to death by its blade. The Predator takes his body but leaves his pack and rifle, giving Dutch the first indication that what's following them isn't the rebels of the area.


Sergeant "Mac" Eliot (Bill Duke), the team's Ordnance man, is heavily armed with an M60E3 LMG, a H&K MP5A3, M18A1 Claymore mines, and M49A1 trip flares. He is a close friend of Blain's; they served in Vietnam together and were the only two members of their platoon to make it out alive after a night-long battle. Both he and Blain are unfriendly towards Dillon. After Dillon nearly shows their position to the guerillas, Mac threatens to kill him. He is the first to harm the Predator, by shooting him in revenge after Blain's death. He is also the first of the team to see the Predator (albeit in its camouflaged state). Enraged and saddened by the murder of Blain, he swears that he will avenge Blain's death. Later Mac and Dillon go after the Predator together, which kills Mac by shooting him in the head with its plasma caster. His line, "Anytime," is mimicked by the Predator throughout the film, in a mocking fashion.


Lieutenant Jorge "Poncho" Ramirez (Richard Chaves), a Chicano that also acts as a spanish translator, he wields a H&K MP5A3 Submachinegun and a Milkor MGL grenade launcher. He is badly wounded when the Predator uses one of the traps set by the commandos against them and a tree trunk slams into his waist. The others had to carry him for the rest of the way. He is the last victim of the Predator, shot in the head by it in an ambush. Viewers may believe this goes against the Predator's mantra of not killing unarmed prey. However, Poncho had been armed and actively pursuing the Predator the entire film, as opposed to Anna. In fact, Poncho is holding a rifle in a defensive position along with Dutch when he is killed, hence his death.


Major George Dillon (Carl Weathers) is a former teammate of Dutch and current CIA agent, sent along with Dutch's squad for the mission. He and Dutch served together in Vietnam.Fact|date = May 2008 Both of them won medals for bravery during an engagement in Hue City in 1972.Fact|date = May 2008 Having not served in the field for sometime, Dillon nearly shows the team's position to the rebels while en route to the rebel camp in the jungle. He and the CIA have a secret agenda for the mission; the Army told Dutch that it was Guatemalan cabinet members that were kidnapped and needed to be rescued, but it was actually CIA Agents, and also to discover what happen to American soldiers led by Jim Hopper (the leader of a commando team that previously tried to recover the CIA Agents). Dutch's team later finds Hopper and his men with their skins torn off and hanging from a tree. It is unclear if the CIA knows about the Predator or not though Dillion's lack of knowledge about it seems to suggest they do not. Dillon is impaled by the Predator after having his arm shot off by it, and being the third-last victim of the Predator, his dying scream warns the others of the Predator's proximity.


Major Alan "Dutch" Schaefer (Arnold Schwarzenegger), the leader of the elite team of commandos, is armed with an M16 assault rifle with an integral M203 underbarrel grenade launcher. He is sent on a mission in Val Verde, under the belief that presidential cabinet members of Guatemala were kidnapped by guerrilla forces. After attacking the guerrila's post, they discover that the men were actually CIA agents. It is also known that Dutch and his team fought in Afghanistan for a time as stated by Poncho.

After the Predator kills all of Dutch's team and Dillon, and with Anna being rescued, he is the only man left in the jungle with the Predator. Using a combat knife and vines to fashion primitive weapons and traps including a spear (with the combat knife as the blade), and a bow with an explosive-tipped arrow made from a grenade, he covers his body in mud after discovering the Predator sees through infrared, essentially making him invisible. After a brutal fight with the Predator, which ends with the Predator activating a self-destruct device for its suicide, Dutch is rescued by the rescue helicopter that saved Anna.

In expanded media he is revealed to be the brother of Detective Schaefer, who another Predator chooses to hunt in Predator comics series and the "Predator: Cold War" graphic novel. Dutch is also a distant relative of Judge Schaefer, a character appearing in "Predator vs. Judge Dredd", an intercompany-crossover comic. A cyborg version of Dutch is a playable character in the arcade game "Aliens Versus Predator" released by Capcom.

Jim Hopper

Colonel Hopper was an old friend of Shaeffer's. He was the leader of an experienced and well-armed unit of Green Beret commandos with extensive training in guerilla tactics and jungle survival. They were the first team sent to raid the rebel encampment, but were waylaid by the Predator. Shaeffer and his men find them hanging from trees with their skin ripped off and can only identify them by their dogtags.


Anna Gonsalves (Elpidia Carrillo) is a guerilla, captured by Dutch's troops following a battle with the leftist rebels. She later tells them of a legend inspired by the Predators, of an "old demon" that during hot summers attacks people from violent areas who are later found skinned and hollowed. Anna is the only one to reach the rescue helicopter that later picks up Dutch. After the extraction, she is seen aiding government agents in a video tape on "Predator 2", showing the devastating after-effects of the Predator's self-destruct device to the U.S. Army.

Major General Phillips

Major General Homer Phillips (R.G. Armstrong) sends Dutch's squad on the mission. He is later seen in the rescue helicopter sent to get the team.

The Predator

The titular humanoid extraterrestrial (Kevin Peter Hall) is member of a warrior race which hunts aggressive members of other species for sport, uses active camouflage, a plasma weapon and can see the infrared spectrum.

"Predator 2"


Detective Danny Arculeta (Ruben Blades) is a part of Harrigan's team; he is apparently the long-time friend of Harrigan. He is later killed by the Predator while retrieving a suspicious spear tip the Predator left behind during a penthouse slaughter. The Predator later returns his collar (which he took as a trophy) to Harrigan as a symbol of respect.


Detective Leona Cantrell (Maria Conchita Alonso) is an LAPD cop involved in the Jamaican-Columbian Gang wars. Along the way to meeting Harrigan via subway train, they notice a man being threatened to be killed by a group of thugs. Lambert and Leona draw their weapons, only to notice all the doors have been shut tight, and the Predator which was on the roof of the train is now inside, killing the thugs and other armed citizens. After being ordered by Jerry to evacuate the people, she heads back only to find Jerry dead. The Predator attacks her, but notices a fetus inside her and lets her live.

Mike Harrigan

Lieutenant Mike Harrigan (Danny Glover) is an LAPD officer, who while dealing with rival Jamaican and Colombian drug cartels, discovers that the Predator is killing members of both factions, as well as police officers. He is very stubborn, and often is conflicted by superior officers for he "never obeys orders." Seeking vengeance for the death of his friend, Danny Archuleta, Harrigan ultimately defeats the Predator inside its ship. He is then confronted by several other Predators, but seeing that their clan-mate was killed by Harrigan in a fair fight, the Predators let him go, giving him an antique pistol from the 18th century. Harrigan then barely escapes the tunnel where the ship is located as it lifts off, leaving the area burnt.

Peter Keyes

Special Agent Peter Keyes (Gary Busey) is an NSA agent leading a special task force investigating a supposed drug conspiracy; this is only a cover for his attempts to capture the Predator. His entire team is killed by a Predator, which then slays him by cutting him in half with its disc weapon.

Jerry Lambert

Detective Jerry Lambert (Bill Paxton) is an LAPD cop, eventually transferred from another precint into Metro Command of LA. He is a comedic member of the team often telling bad jokes with Leona. During the Predator fight in the subway, he makes a stand by allowing other civilians as well as Leona to escape. The Predator eventually kills him as claim his skull and spinal column as a trophy for being a challenging foe.

Tony Pope

Tony Pope (Morton Downey, Jr.) is a journalist, who reports the gruesome and murderous homicides left by the Predator. He is constantly harassed by the police for reporting at inappropriate times or interfering when least useful.

The Predator

Another Predator (Kevin Peter Hall) appears in Los Angeles 10 years later, hunting drug lords and then members of the LAPD when they interfere in its hunt. The Predator is eventually killed by Harrigan, who rams one of its own weapons into the Predator's stomach while it is trying to escape in its ship.

King Willie

King Willie (Calvin Lockhart) is the boss of the Jamaican Voodoo Posse. He is having the same problem with the Predator as Harrigan is. All that he knows at his meeting with Harrigan is that the Predator is from another world. When he saw the Predator at sight he says, "His foundation lie in the Holy Mountain. Selah," and draws his sword against the alien before his head is sliced off and his spine is torn out of his body for a trophy.


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