The English suffix -archy (from Greek αρχή, "rule") denotes leadership and government. See Political philosophy and politics.


*anarchy—rule by none
*andrarchy—rule by men
*cryptarchy—secret rule
*ecclesiarchy—rule by a church
*exarchy—rule by a bishop or bishops
*gynarchy—rule by women
*kritarchy—rule by a judge or judges
*matriarchy—rule by mothers or women
*minarchy—minimization of rule
*monarchy, autarchy, totaliteriyaki (or totaliteriarchy)—rule by one
*oligarchy—rule by a few
*paedarchy—rule by children
*panarchy—universal rule
*pantarchy—rule by all
*paparchy—rule by a pope
*parsonarchy, hierarchy—rule by priests
*patriarchy—rule by fathers or men
*phylarchy—rule by a class or tribe
*plutarchy—rule by the wealthy
*polyarchy—rule by many
*prima-digitarchy—rule of thumb
*terarchy— rule by a monster or monsters
*tetrarchy—rule of four
*thearchy—rule by God or gods

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