List of mammals in Papua New Guinea

List of mammals in Papua New Guinea

This is a list of the mammal species recorded in Papua New Guinea. There are 242 mammal species in Papua New Guinea, of which 7 are critically endangered, 12 are endangered, 39 are vulnerable, and 0 are near-threatened. [This list is derived from the IUCN Red List which lists species of mammals and includes those mammals that have recently been classified as extinct (since 1500 AD). The taxonomy and naming of the individual species is based on those used in existing Wikipedia articles as of 21 May 2007 and supplemented by the common names and taxonomy from the IUCN, Smithsonian Institute, or University of Michigan where no Wikipedia article was available.]

The following tags are used to highlight each species' conservation status as assessed by the IUCN:

Some species were assessed using an earlier set of criteria. Species assessed using this system have the following instead of Near Threatened and Least Concern categories:

ubclass: Theria

Infraclass: Eutheria

Order: Sirenia (manatees and dugongs)

-----Sirenia is an order of fully aquatic, herbivorous mammals that inhabit rivers, estuaries, coastal marine waters, swamps, and marine wetlands. All four species are endangered.

*Family: Dugongidae
***Genus: Dugong
**** Dugong "Dugong dugon" VU

Order: Rodentia (rodents)

-----Rodents make up the largest order of mammals, with over 40 percent of mammalian species. They have two incisors in the upper and lower jaw which grow continually and must be keep short by gnawing. Most rodents are small though the capybara can weigh up to 45 kg (100 lb).

*Suborder: Sciurognathi
**Family: Muridae (mice, rats, voles, gerbils, hamsters, etc.)
***Subfamily: Murinae
****Genus: Anisomys
***** Squirrel-toothed Rat "Anisomys imitator" LR/lc
****Genus: Chiruromys
***** Greater Tree Mouse "Chiruromys forbesi" LR/lc
***** Lamia (animal) "Chiruromys lamia" LR/lc
***** Lesser Tree Mouse "Chiruromys vates" LR/lc
****Genus: Coccymys
***** Rümmler's Brush Mouse "Coccymys ruemmleri" LR/lc
****Genus: Conilurus
***** Brush-tailed Rabbit Rat "Conilurus penicillatus" LR/lc
****Genus: Crossomys
***** Earless Water Rat "Crossomys moncktoni" LR/lc
****Genus: Hydromys
***** Water Rat "Hydromys chrysogaster" LR/lc
***** Mountain Water Rat "Hydromys habbema" LR/nt
***** Western Water Rat "Hydromys hussoni" LR/nt
***** New Britain Water Rat "Hydromys neobrittanicus" VU
***** Shaw Mayer's Water Rat "Hydromys shawmayeri" LR/nt
****Genus: Hyomys
***** Western White-eared Giant Rat "Hyomys dammermani" LR/lc
***** Eastern White-eared Giant Rat "Hyomys goliath" LR/lc
****Genus: Leptomys
***** Long-footed Water Rat "Leptomys elegans" CR
***** Ernst Mayr's Water Rat "Leptomys ernstmayri" LR/lc
***** Fly River Water Rat "Leptomys signatus" CR
****Genus: Lorentzimys
***** New Guinean Jumping Mouse "Lorentzimys nouhuysi" LR/lc
****Genus: Macruromys
***** Eastern Small-toothed Rat "Macruromys major" EN
****Genus: Mallomys
***** De Vis's Woolly Rat "Mallomys aroaensis" LR/lc
***** Subalpine Woolly Rat "Mallomys istapantap" LR/nt
***** Rothschild's Woolly Rat "Mallomys rothschildi" LR/lc
****Genus: Mammelomys
***** "Mammelomys lanosus" LR/lc
***** "Mammelomys rattoides" LR/lc
****Genus: Melomys
***** Bougainville Mosaic-tailed Rat "Melomys bougainville" LR/nt
***** Grassland Mosaic-tailed Rat "Melomys burtoni" LR/lc
***** Red-bellied Mosaic-tailed Rat "Melomys fellowsi" VU
***** Slender Mosaic-tailed Rat "Melomys gracilis" LR/lc
***** White-bellied Mosaic-tailed Rat "Melomys leucogaster" LR/lc
***** Long-nosed Mosaic-tailed Rat "Melomys levipes" LR/lc
***** Lorentz's Mosaic-tailed Rat "Melomys lorentzii" LR/lc
***** Thomas's Mosaic-tailed Rat "Melomys mollis" LR/lc
***** Moncton's Mosaic-tailed Rat "Melomys moncktoni" LR/lc
***** Lowland Mosaic-tailed Rat "Melomys platyops" LR/lc
***** Mountain Mosaic-tailed Rat "Melomys rubex" LR/lc
***** Black-tailed Mosaic-tailed Rat "Melomys rufescens" LR/lc
****Genus: Microhydromys
***** Musser's Shrew Mouse "Microhydromys musseri" LR/lc
***** Groove-toothed Shrew Mouse "Microhydromys richardsoni" LR/nt
****Genus: Parahydromys
***** New Guinea Waterside Rat "Parahydromys asper" LR/lc
****Genus: Paraleptomys
***** Northern Water Rat "Paraleptomys rufilatus" LR/lc
***** Short-haired Water Rat "Paraleptomys wilhelmina" VU
****Genus: Pogonomelomys
***** Lowland Brush Mouse "Pogonomelomys bruijni" CR
***** Shaw Mayer's Brush Mouse "Pogonomelomys mayeri" LR/lc
***** Highland Brush Mouse "Pogonomelomys sevia" LR/lc
****Genus: Pogonomys
***** Champion's Tree Mouse "Pogonomys championi" VU
***** Large Tree Mouse "Pogonomys loriae" LR/lc
***** Chestnut Tree Mouse "Pogonomys macrourus" LR/lc
***** Gray-bellied Tree Mouse "Pogonomys sylvestris" LR/lc
****Genus: Pseudohydromys
***** One-toothed Shrew-mouse "Pseudohydromys ellermani" VU
***** Mottled-tailed Shrew Mouse "Pseudohydromys fuscus" VU
***** "Pseudohydromys germani"
***** Eastern Shrew Mouse "Pseudohydromys murinus" CR
***** Western Shrew Mouse "Pseudohydromys occidentalis" VU
****Genus: Pseudomys
***** Little Native Mouse "Pseudomys delicatulus" LR/nt
****Genus: Rattus
***** Polynesian Rat "Rattus exulans" LR/lc
***** Giluwe Rat "Rattus giluwensis" LR/nt
***** Cape York Rat "Rattus leucopus" LR/lc
***** Eastern Rat "Rattus mordax" LR/lc
***** New Guinean Rat "Rattus novaeguineae" LR/lc
***** Spiny rat "Rattus praetor" LR/lc
***** Dusky Field Rat "Rattus sordidus" LR/nt
***** Stein's Rat "Rattus steini" LR/lc
****Genus: Solomys
***** Poncelet's Naked-tailed Rat "Solomys ponceleti" EN
***** Bougainville Naked-tailed Rat "Solomys salebrosus" LR/nt
***** Isabel Naked-tailed Rat "Solomys sapientis" VU
****Genus: Stenomys
***** Moss-forest Rat "Stenomys niobe" LR/lc
***** Van Deusen's Rat "Stenomys vandeuseni" EN
***** Slender Rat "Stenomys verecundus" LR/lc
****Genus: Uromys
***** Giant naked-tailed rat "Uromys anak" LR/nt
***** Giant White-tailed Rat "Uromys caudimaculatus" LR/lc
***** Bismarck Giant Rat "Uromys neobritanicus" LR/lc
****Genus: Xenuromys
***** Rock-dwelling Rat "Xenuromys barbatus" LR/nt

Order: Chiroptera (bats)

-----The bats' most distinguishing feature is that their forelimbs are developed as wings, making them the only mammals in the world naturally capable of flight. Bat species account for about 20% of all mammals.

*Family: Pteropodidae (flying foxes, Old World fruit bats)
**Subfamily: Pteropodinae
***Genus: Aproteles
**** Bulmer's fruit bat "Aproteles bulmerae" CR
***Genus: Dobsonia
**** Lesser Naked-backed Fruit Bat "Dobsonia minor" LR/nt
**** Moluccan Naked-backed Fruit Bat "Dobsonia moluccensis" LR/lc
**** Panniet Naked-backed Fruit Bat "Dobsonia pannietensis" LR/lc
**** New Britain Naked-backed Fruit Bat "Dobsonia praedatrix" LR/nt
***Genus: Nyctimene
**** Broad-striped Tube-nosed Fruit Bat "Nyctimene aello" LR/nt
**** Common Tube-nosed Fruit Bat "Nyctimene albiventer" LR/lc
**** Pallas's Tube-nosed Fruit Bat "Nyctimene cephalotes" LR/lc
**** Mountain Tube-nosed Fruit Bat "Nyctimene certans" LR/nt
**** Round-eared Tube-nosed Fruit Bat "Nyctimene cyclotis" LR/nt
**** Dragon Tube-nosed Fruit Bat "Nyctimene draconilla" VU
**** Island Tube-nosed Fruit Bat "Nyctimene major" LR/lc
**** Demonic Tube-nosed Fruit Bat "Nyctimene masalai" VU
**** Umboi Tube-nosed Fruit Bat "Nyctimene vizcaccia" LR/lc
***Genus: Paranyctimene
**** Unstriped Tube-nosed Bat "Paranyctimene raptor" LR/nt
***Genus: Pteralopex
**** Bougainville monkey-faced bat "Pteralopex anceps" CR
***Genus: Pteropus
**** Admiralty Flying-fox "Pteropus admiralitatum" LR/lc
**** Black Flying-fox "Pteropus alecto" LR/lc
**** Spectacled Flying-fox "Pteropus conspicillatus" LR/lc
**** Gilliard's Flying-fox "Pteropus gilliardorum" VU
**** Small Flying-fox "Pteropus hypomelanus" LR/lc
**** Big-eared Flying Fox "Pteropus macrotis" LR/lc
**** Lesser Flying-fox "Pteropus mahaganus" VU
**** Bismarck Flying-fox "Pteropus neohibernicus" LR/lc
**** Little Red Flying-fox "Pteropus scapulatus" LR/lc
**** Temminck's Flying Fox "Pteropus temminckii" LR/nt
**** Insular Flying-fox "Pteropus tonganus" LR/lc
***Genus: Rousettus
**** Geoffroy's Rousette "Rousettus amplexicaudatus" LR/lc
**Subfamily: Macroglossinae
***Genus: Macroglossus
**** "Macroglossus minimus" LR/lc
***Genus: Melonycteris
**** Black-bellied Fruit Bat "Melonycteris melanops" LR/lc
***Genus: Syconycteris
**** Common Blossom-bat "Syconycteris australis" LR/lc
**** Moss-forest Blossom Bat "Syconycteris hobbit" VU
*Family: Vespertilionidae
**Subfamily: Kerivoulinae
***Genus: Kerivoula
**** St. Aignan's Trumpet-eared Bat "Kerivoula agnella" VU
**** Fly River Trumpet-eared Bat "Kerivoula muscina" VU
**** Bismarck's Trumpet-eared Bat "Kerivoula myrella" VU
***Genus: Phoniscus
**** Golden-tipped Bat "Phoniscus papuensis" LR/lc
**Subfamily: Myotinae
***Genus: Myotis
**** Large-footed Bat "Myotis adversus" LR/lc
**** Peters's Myotis "Myotis atra" LR/lc
**** Whiskered Myotis "Myotis muricola" LR/lc
**Subfamily: Vespertilioninae
***Genus: Chalinolobus
**** Hoary Wattled Bat "Chalinolobus nigrogriseus" LR/lc
***Genus: Nycticeius
**** Northern Broad-nosed Bat "Nycticeius sanborni" LR/lc
***Genus: Nyctophilus
**** "Nyctophilus bifax" LR/lc
**** Gould's Long-eared Bat "Nyctophilus gouldi" LR/lc
**** Small-toothed Long-eared Bat "Nyctophilus microdon" VU
**** New Guinea Long-eared Bat "Nyctophilus microtis" LR/lc
**** Greater Long-eared Bat "Nyctophilus timoriensis" VU
***Genus: Pharotis
**** New Guinea big-eared bat "Pharotis imogene" CR
***Genus: Philetor
**** Rohu's Bat "Philetor brachypterus" LR/lc
***Genus: Pipistrellus
**** Angulate Pipistrelle "Pipistrellus angulatus" LR/lc
**** Greater Papuan Pipistrelle "Pipistrellus collinus" LR/lc
**** Lesser Papuan Pipistrelle "Pipistrellus papuanus" LR/nt
**** Watt's Pipistrelle "Pipistrellus wattsi" LR/nt
**Subfamily: Murininae
***Genus: Murina
**** Flores Tube-nosed Bat "Murina florium" LR/lc
**Subfamily: Miniopterinae
***Genus: Miniopterus
**** Western Bent-winged Bat "Miniopterus magnater" LR/lc
**** Intermediate Long-fingered Bat "Miniopterus medius" LR/lc
**** Schreiber's Long-fingered Bat "Miniopterus schreibersii" LC
**** Great Bent-winged Bat "Miniopterus tristis" LR/lc
*Family: Molossidae
**Genus: Chaerephon
*** Northern Freetail Bat "Chaerephon jobensis" LR/lc
**Genus: Mormopterus
*** Beccari's Mastiff Bat "Mormopterus beccarii" LR/lc
*** Southern Free-Tailed Bat "Mormopterus planiceps" LR/lc
**Genus: Otomops
*** Big-eared Mastiff Bat "Otomops papuensis" VU
*** Mantled Mastiff Bat "Otomops secundus" VU
**Genus: Tadarida
*** White-striped Free-tailed Bat "Tadarida australis" LR/nt
*Family: Emballonuridae
**Genus: Emballonura
*** Beccari's Sheath-tailed Bat "Emballonura beccarii" LR/lc
*** Large-eared Sheath-tailed Bat "Emballonura dianae" VU
*** New Guinea Sheath-tailed Bat "Emballonura furax" VU
*** Raffray's Sheath-tailed Bat "Emballonura raffrayana" LR/nt
*** Seri's Sheathtail-bat "Emballonura serii" DD
**Genus: Mosia
*** Dark Sheath-tailed Bat "Mosia nigrescens" LR/lc
**Genus: Saccolaimus
*** Yellow-bellied Pouched Bat "Saccolaimus flaviventris" LR/nt
*** Troughton's Pouched Bat "Saccolaimus mixtus" VU
*** Naked-rumped Pouched Bat "Saccolaimus saccolaimus" LR/lc
**Genus: Taphozous
*** Coastal Tomb Bat "Taphozous australis" LR/nt
*Family: Rhinolophidae
**Subfamily: Rhinolophinae
***Genus: Rhinolophus
**** Arcuate Horseshoe Bat "Rhinolophus arcuatus" LR/lc
**** Broad-eared Horseshoe Bat "Rhinolophus euryotis" LR/lc
**** Smaller Horseshoe Bat "Rhinolophus megaphyllus" LR/lc
**** Large-eared Horseshoe Bat "Rhinolophus philippinensis" LR/nt
**Subfamily: Hipposiderinae
***Genus: Anthops
**** Flower-faced Bat "Anthops ornatus" VU
***Genus: Aselliscus
**** Temminck's Trident Bat "Aselliscus tricuspidatus" LR/lc
***Genus: Hipposideros
**** Dusky Roundleaf Bat "Hipposideros ater" LR/lc
**** Spurred Roundleaf Bat "Hipposideros calcaratus" LR/lc
**** Telefomin Roundleaf Bat "Hipposideros corynophyllus" VU
**** Fierce Roundleaf Bat "Hipposideros dinops" LR/nt
**** "Hipposideros edwardshilli" LR/nt
**** Maggie Taylor's Roundleaf Bat "Hipposideros maggietaylorae" LR/lc
**** Fly River Roundleaf Bat "Hipposideros muscinus" VU
**** Semon's Roundleaf Bat "Hipposideros semoni" LR/nt
**** Wollaston's Roundleaf Bat "Hipposideros wollastoni" LR/nt

Order: Cetacea (whales)


The order Cetacea includes whales, dolphins and porpoises. They are the mammals most fully adapted to aquatic life with a spindle-shaped nearly hairless body, protected by a thick layer of blubber, and forelimbs and tail modified to provide propulsion underwater.

*Suborder: Odontoceti
**Superfamily: Platanistoidea
***Family: Kogiidae
****Genus: Kogia
***** Pygmy Sperm Whale "Kogia breviceps" LR/lc
***** Dwarf Sperm Whale "Kogia sima" LR/lc
***Family: Ziphidae
****Subfamily: Hyperoodontidae
*****Genus: Mesoplodon
****** Blainville's Beaked Whale "Mesoplodon densirostris" DD
****** Ginkgo-toothed Beaked Whale "Mesoplodon ginkgodens" DD
***Family: Delphinidae (marine dolphins)
****Genus: Steno
***** Rough-toothed Dolphin "Steno bredanensis" DD
****Genus: Sousa
***** "Sousa chinensis" DD
****Genus: Stenella
***** Pantropical Spotted Dolphin "Stenella attenuata" LR/cd
***** Spinner Dolphin "Stenella longirostris" LR/cd
****Genus: Lagenodelphis
***** Fraser's Dolphin "Lagenodelphis hosei" DD
****Genus: Grampus
***** Risso's Dolphin "Grampus griseus" DD
****Genus: Peponocephala
***** Melon-headed Whale "Peponocephala electra" LR/lc
****Genus: Feresa
***** Pygmy Killer Whale "Feresa attenuata" DD
****Genus: Orcinus
***** Orca "Orcinus orca" LR/cd
****Genus: Orcaella
***** Irrawaddy Dolphin "Orcaella brevirostris" DD

Infraclass: Protheria

Order: Monotremata (monotremes)

-----Monotremes are mammals that lay eggs instead of giving birth to live young. Momotremata comprises the platypus and echidnas.

*Family: Tachyglossidae
**Genus: Tachyglossus
*** Short-beaked Echidna "Tachyglossus aculeatus" LR/lc
**Genus: Zaglossus
*** Western Long-beaked Echidna "Zaglossus bruijni" EN

ubclass: Theria

Infraclass: Metatheria

Order: Dasyuromorphia (marsupial carnivores)

-----The order Dasyuromorphia comprises most of the carnivorous marsupials, including quolls, dunnarts, the Numbat, the Tasmanian Devil, and the recently extinct Thylacine.

*Family: Dasyuridae (flesh-eating marsupials)
**Subfamily: Dasyurinae
***Tribe: Dasyurini
****Genus: Dasyurus
***** New Guinean Quoll "Dasyurus albopunctatus" VU
***** Bronze Quoll "Dasyurus spartacus" VU
****Genus: Myoictis
***** Three-striped Dasyure "Myoictis melas" LR/lc
****Genus: Neophascogale
***** Speckled Dasyure "Neophascogale lorentzi" LR/lc
****Genus: Phascolosorex
***** Narrow-striped Marsupial Shrew "Phascolosorex dorsalis" LR/lc
***Tribe: Phascogalini
****Genus: Antechinus
***** Habbema Antechinus "Antechinus habbema" DD
***** Black-tailed Antechinus "Antechinus melanurus" LR/lc
***** Long-nosed Antechinus "Antechinus naso" DD
***** Agile Antechinus "Antechinus sp. nov." LR/lc
***** "Antechinus wilhelmina" DD
****Genus: Murexia
***** Short-furred Dasyure "Murexia longicaudata" LR/lc
***** Broad-striped Dasyure "Murexia rothschildi" DD
**Subfamily: Sminthopsinae
***Tribe: Sminthopsini
****Genus: Sminthopsis
***** Chestnut Dunnart "Sminthopsis archeri" DD
***** Red-cheeked Dunnart "Sminthopsis virginiae" LR/lc
***Tribe: Planigalini
****Genus: Planigale
***** New Guinean Planigale "Planigale novaeguineae" VU

Order: Peramelemorphia (bandicoots and bilbies)

-----Peramelemorphia includes the bandicoots and bilbies: it equates approximately to the mainstream of marsupial omnivores. All members of the order are endemic to the twin land masses of Australia-New Guinea and most have the characteristic bandicoot shape: a plump, arch-backed body with a long, delicately tapering snout, very large upright ears, relatively long, thin legs, and a thin tail.

*Family: Peramelidae
**Subfamily: Peramelinae
***Genus: Isoodon
**** Northern Brown Bandicoot "Isoodon macrourus" LR/lc
**Subfamily: Peroryctinae
***Genus: Peroryctes
**** Giant Bandicoot "Peroryctes broadbenti" DD
**** Raffray's Bandicoot "Peroryctes raffrayana" LR/lc
**Subfamily: Echymiperinae
***Genus: Echymipera
**** White-lipped Bandicoot "Echymipera clara" DD
**** David's Echymipera "Echymipera davidi" DD
**** Menzies' Echymipera "Echymipera echinista" DD
**** Common Spiny Bandicoot "Echymipera kalubu" LR/lc
**** Long-nosed Echymipera "Echymipera rufescens" LR/lc
***Genus: Microperoryctes
**** Striped Bandicoot "Microperoryctes longicauda" LR/lc
**** Papuan Bandicoot "Microperoryctes papuensis" DD

Order: Diprotodontia (kangaroos, wallabies, wombats and allies)

-----Diprotodontia is a large order of about 120 marsupial mammals including the kangaroos, wallabies, possums, koala, wombats, and many others. They are restricted to Australasia.

*Suborder: Phalangeriformes
**Superfamily: Phalangeroidea
***Family: Burramyidae
****Genus: Cercartetus
***** Long-tailed Pygmy Possum "Cercartetus caudatus" LR/lc
***Family: Phalangeridae (phalangers)
****Subfamily: Phalangerinae
*****Tribe: Phalangerini
******Genus: Phalanger
******* Mountain Cuscus "Phalanger carmelitae" LR/lc
******* Ground Cuscus "Phalanger gymnotis" DD
******* Southern Common Cuscus "Phalanger intercastellanus" LR/lc
******* Woodlark Cuscus "Phalanger lullulae" LR/lc
******* Telefomin Cuscus "Phalanger matanim" EN
******* Southern Common Cuscus "Phalanger orientalis" LR/lc
******* Silky Cuscus "Phalanger sericeus" LR/lc
******* Stein's Cuscus "Phalanger vestitus" VU
******Genus: Spilocuscus
******* Manus Island Spotted Cuscus "Spilocuscus kraemeri" LR/lc
******* Common Spotted Cuscus "Spilocuscus maculatus" LR/lc
******* Black-spotted Cuscus "Spilocuscus rufoniger" EN
**Superfamily: Petauroidea
***Family: Pseudocheiridae
****Subfamily: Pseudocheirinae
*****Genus: Pseudochirulus
****** Lowland Ringtail "Pseudochirulus canescens" DD
****** Painted Ringtail "Pseudochirulus forbesi" LR/lc
****** Pygmy Ringtail "Pseudochirulus mayeri" LR/lc
****Subfamily: Pseudochiropinae
*****Genus: Pseudochirops
****** D'Albertis' Ringtail Possum "Pseudochirops albertisii" VU
****** Plush-coated Ringtail "Pseudochirops corinnae" VU
****** Coppery Ringtail Possum "Pseudochirops cupreus" LR/lc
***Family: Petauridae (gliders, Leadbeater's or striped possums)
****Genus: Dactylopsila
***** Great-tailed Triok "Dactylopsila megalura" VU
***** Long-fingered Triok "Dactylopsila palpator" LR/lc
***** Tate's Triok "Dactylopsila tatei" EN
***** Striped Possum "Dactylopsila trivirgata" LR/lc
****Genus: Petaurus
***** Northern Glider "Petaurus abidi" VU
***** Sugar Glider "Petaurus breviceps" LR/lc
***Family: Acrobatidae
****Genus: Distoechurus
***** Feathertail Possum "Distoechurus pennatus" LR/lc
*Suborder: Macropodiformes
**Family: Macropodidae (kangaroos and wallabies)
***Subfamily: Macropodinae
****Genus: Dendrolagus
***** Doria's Tree-kangaroo "Dendrolagus dorianus" VU
***** Goodfellow's Tree-kangaroo "Dendrolagus goodfellowi" EN
***** Grizzled Tree Kangaroo "Dendrolagus inustus" DD
***** Matschie's Tree-kangaroo "Dendrolagus matschiei" EN
***** Scott's Tree-kangaroo "Dendrolagus scottae" EN
***** Lowland Tree Kangaroo "Dendrolagus spadix" DD
****Genus: Dorcopsis
***** Black Forest-wallaby "Dorcopsis atrata" EN
***** White-striped Dorcopsis "Dorcopsis hageni" LR/lc
***** Gray Dorcopsis "Dorcopsis luctuosa" LR/lc
****Genus: Dorcopsulus
***** Papuan Forest Wallaby "Dorcopsulus macleayi" VU
***** Small Dorcopsis "Dorcopsulus vanheurni" LR/lc
****Genus: Macropus
***** Agile Wallaby "Macropus agilis" LR/lc
****Genus: Thylogale
***** New Guinea Pademelon "Thylogale browni" VU
***** Dusky Pademelon "Thylogale brunii" VU
***** Alpine Wallaby "Thylogale calabyi" EN
***** Red-legged Pademelon "Thylogale stigmatica" LR/lc



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