1705 in piracy

1705 in piracy

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1704 in piracy,
other events of 1705,
1706 in piracy and the
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*Undated - The money seized from Captain Kidd, executed only four years before, is presented by Queen Anne to Greenwich Hospital totaling £6,472.
*March - Captain Thomas Green and his crew, consisting of 14 officers and crew members, are tried by the High Court of the Admiralty and found guilty of piracy. Green is later hanged at Leith with James Simpson, Henry Keigle and George Haines on April 4 and the remaining crew on April 11 and 18.
*October - Boston colonial officials transport the treasure formerly held by Captain John Quelch, 788 oz. of gold bars and gold dust, which is packed into five sealed leather bags and carried by the "HMS Guernsey" to Great Britain that same year.



*Lionel Wafer, English buccaneer
*April 4 - Thomas Green
*April 4 - James Simpson
*April 4 - Henry Keigle
*April 4 - George Haines

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