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Sura At-Tawba (Arabic: سورة التوبة, "Sūratu at-Tawbah", "The Repentance") also known as al-Bara'ah "the Ultimatum" in many ahadith is the ninth chapter of the Qur'an, with 129 verses (see, however, the discussion of ahadith 785-787 in Sunan Abi Dawood, relating to merging Suras 8 and 9, and the discussion of numbering the Basmala (q.v.)). It is one of the last Madinan suras. It is the only sura of the Qur'an that does not begin with the bismillah. It is very important to note that the starting verses of this sura were revealed at the time of war. It is therefore that Allah demands the Muslims to fight under these situations.

It begins:

The context of the sura is the Battle of Tabuk.

Quran-usc|9|5The famous Sword verse reads as follows:

At-Tawba 29 (Quran-usc|9|29) reads as follows:

Verse 6: Istijarah

The sura treats the relation of Muslims with non-Muslims, pagans, and also "People of the Book:

Verse Quran-usc|9|40 is about Hadith of Abu Bakr and Muhammad in the cave

Ayah 37 documents the Islamic prohibition of intercalation:

Verily the transposing (of a prohibited month) is an addition to Unbelief: The Unbelievers are led to wrong thereby: for they make it lawful one year, and forbidden another year, of months forbidden by Allah and make such forbidden ones lawful. The evil of their course seems pleasing to them. But Allah guideth not those who reject Faith.
This prohibition was repeated by Muhammad during the last sermon on Mount Arafat which was delivered during the Farewell Pilgrimage to Mecca on 9 Dhu al-Hijja 10 AH.

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