List of Israeli actors

List of Israeli actors

This is a list of Israeli actors.

Israeli actors


*Yael Abecassis - "Kadosh", "Alila"
*Gila Almagor - "The House on Chelouche Street"
*Rafi Amzaleg
*Shai Appelberg
*Lior Ashkenazi
*Adi Ashkenazi
*Mati Atlas
*David Avidan
*Icho Avital
*Mili Avital - "Stargate"
*Aki Avni
*Golan Azulai
*Adam Meir - "


*Orna Banai
*Yossi Banai
*Shlomo Barabba
*Yehuda Barkan - "Charlie Ve'hetzi, Hagiga B'Snuker"
*Yael Bar Zohar
*Shmil Ben Ari
*Orly Ben Garti - "Tipat Mazal", "Sh'Cur", "Sahkanim", "Florentene", "Zur Hadasim"


*Assi Cohen - "Yossi & Jagger"
*Eddie Carmel


*Israel ("Sasha") Damidov
*Boaz Davidson
*Nissim Dayan
*Raz Degan - "Alexander"
*Yevgenia Dodina
*Manny Dworman


*Eyal Einik
*Arik Einstein - "Lool", "Metzitzim"
*Anat Elimelech
*Ronit Elkabetz - Or (My Treasure)
*Ido Ezra - "Iron Man", "You Don't Mess With The Zohan"


*Oded Fehr - "The Mummy"
*Ohav Flantz
*Rami Fortis
*Tal Friedman


*Uri Gavriel
*Gidi Gov
*Sasson Gabai


*Haya Harareet
*Tomer Heymann


*Mark Ivenir
*Moshe Ivgi
*Dana Ivgy - Or (My Treasure)


*Makram Khoury


*Daliah Lavi - "Casino Royale"
*Yehuda Levi - "Yossi & Jagger"


*Yaniv Madmon
*Maya Maron
*Hanna Maron
*Keren Mor
*Moni Moshonov - "Hatuna Meuheret"
*Ido Mosseri



*Shaike Ophir


*Eyal Podell
*Natalie Portman


*Shuli Rand – "Ushpizin"
*Michal Batsheva Rand – "Ushpizin"
*Ze'ev Revach - "Charlie Ve'hetzi, Hagiga B'Snuker"
*Nimrod Reshef
*Agam Rodberg
*Daphne Rosen
*Hanna Rovina
*Brian Robinson -"The Christmas Card", "Rich in Spirit", "Zombie Strippers"

*Sirak M. Sabahat
*Yaniv Sharon
*Dalia Shimko
*Alexander Senderovich- "Trumpet in the Wadi", "Shaul"


*Alona Tal
*Chaim Topol - "Fiddler on the Roof"
*Tuvya Tzafir


*Michal Yannai
*Eli Yatzpan


*Uri Zohar
*Ayelet Zorer (Ayelet July Zurer)
*Bat-Sheva Zeisler

Actors with Israeli backgrounds

*Shiri Appleby - US actress: "Roswell" (Israeli mother)
*Yvan Attal - French actor/director (Israeli born)
*Mayim Bialik - US actress: "Beaches", "Blossom"
*Sacha Baron Cohen - UK actor/comedian: "Ali G" (Israeli mother)
*Steven Cojocaru - Canadian-born fashion-commentator (Romanian-born parents lived in Israel)
*Sean Flynn-Amir - US child actor (Israeli father, Gideon Amir)
*Corey Haim - Canadian actor & teen idol (Israeli mother)
*Stanislav Ianevski - plays Viktor Krum in the Harry Potter films (lived in Israel)
*Jenny Jones - US talk show host (Israeli born)
*Omri Katz - US actor: "Dallas" (Israeli parents)
*Melanie Mayron - US actress: "thirtysomething"
*Natalie Portman - US actress: "Léon", "Star Wars" (Israeli born)
*Gene Simmons - US actor (Israeli born)
*Raviv Ullman - US actor: "Phil Of The Future" (Israeli born)

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*List of Israelis
*Culture of Israel

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