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__NOTOC__"Haylias" is a third season episode of the animated series "American Dad!".


Hayley has been having recurring nightmares of herself undergoing some type of training as a young girl in a strange school, where she is forced to color in pictures of the American flag, and is heavily electrocuted for travelling outside of the lines. She believes that these dreams are her subconscious telling her that she is conforming too much, and so she breaks up with her boyfriend Jeff (as well as breaking his arm) and resolves to travel to France in order live a more uninhibited life and engage in a string of wild love affairs, including one with a woman.

Stan is horrified and wants to stop her from making a mistake that would cause her to stray from what he calls the "Path to Happiness", which would end with her married to the kind of man Stan would approve of. Stan also knows that Hayley's dreams are really flashbacks to experiences she really had, as she was secretly brainwashed to be a sleeper agent for the C.I.A., when she was very young for a project known as Project Daycare. Stan remembers that if Hayley hears a certain trigger phrase - one that nobody would ever say - Hayley's programming will kick in and she obey his every command, since he was intended to be her commanding officer as part of a Father-Daughter spy team.

While discussing whether or not it would be a good idea to use the trigger phrase on Hayley with Deputy Director Bullock, Stan meets a United States Senator who also has a child he wishes would get married, a son. Even though Bullock tells Stan that triggering Hayley's mental programming would be unwise, Stan decides to set her up with the Senator's son, Dill. While Dill's behavior and several things he says make it clear that he is gay, Stan does not seem to notice and believes he would be a perfect husband for Hayley.

Stan introduces Dill to Hayley (who realizes within moments that Dill is not heterosexual), and attempts to convince her to marry him. She refuses, saying that she probably isn't "his type", and gets ready to board a flight to France. In desperation, Stan shouts the trigger phrase before Hayley can depart: "I'm getting fed up with this orgasm!"

Immediately, Hayley turns around and becomes willing to obey Stan's every order. Francine is suspicious about Hayley's sudden personality change, but is unable to think of the word "brainwashing" before Hayley says that she has proposed to Dill. A wedding is arranged, and during the ensuing week Stan is happy to see Hayley back on the Path to Happiness because of his control over her, despite feeling somewhat uneasy about forcing her to do so against her will; he is also worried, due to the fact that if he does not deactivate Hayley in exactly seven days, she would lose her free will forever. However, he is confident that he can get her married to Dill before the seven days expire, and that if he releases her after she's married she will already be on the Path to Happiness and believe that everything she did and agreed to were her own ideas. Francine seems a little bit suspicious but too happy to find out.

Unfortunately, Stan, with Klaus' urging, is unable to release Hayley before the seven days expire. Shortly after, at the wedding, he discovers that he was mistaken - when Bullock finds out what Stan has done, he immediately leaves the party. He calls Stan on his cellphone that the brainwashing project was discontinued not because the subjects lost their free will permanently, but because the subjects inevitably turned on their handlers after seven days and killed them. Hayley's mission becomes the same one and tries to kill Stan. But Stan escapes by putting Hayley on a chair telling they should do a Jewish dance. Hayley chases Stan into the house by the limousine. Hayley gains the upper hand by having the skills of fighting better. Stan finally surrenders and appeals to Hayley to forgive him. But she proceeds and shoots him in the head. Stan reawakens in the hospital with Hayley at his side, back to normal - Stan was actually dead for roughly six minutes after getting shot, which restored her will. Hayley's marriage is annulled, and everything returns to normal, except that Stan apparently has no memory of Klaus due to his brain damage.

Meanwhile, Steve and Roger decide to become detectives. However, they both end up taking personas that have them both in wheelchairs with no one being the "Legman". They then hire other people to be their "Legman" while having a small rivalry. Roger seems to come up with better (though somewhat absurd) backstories for himself, and even claims that his companion - a large, corpulent woman with patently fake wings attached to her back, who eats Steve's dessert - is a real angel who fell from Heaven. Steve eventually realized that "Angel" is no angel because she ate "Devils food cake". Roger compliments Steve's deductive skills and admits defeat.


* The limo driver is the same driver of Stan and Roger's Limo in the episode "Roger 'n' Me" who was tormented by the pair. In this episode he closes the window on Stan and Hayley's fight as they did to him in the previous episode. This was most likely done to get even.
* The idea that Stan has had both his children brainwashed was first brought up in the episode "Stan Knows Best," when Stan mentions that Hayley's original mission was to kill Walter Mondale. Stan tries to invoke Haley's trigger phrase, but confuses it with Steve's.
* Barb Hanson can be seen at Hayley's wedding. Fact|date=February 2008 Also present are the Memaries, Chuck White, and Francine's adoptive Chinese parents, The Lings.
* This episode aired after "American Dad!" did a crossover with "Family Guy" in the episode "Lois Kills Stewie".

Cultural References

*The title is a parody of the show "Alias".
*Roger opening a case of beer in the detective scene is a reference to "The Thin Man"
*The patently gay "Dill" is a parody of Truman Capote, and the name "Dill" is an allusion to the character based on Capote in "To Kill a Mockingbird".
*Roger comes up with the Identity "Braff Zachlin" which is a reference to Zach Braff.
*Roger's new partner Angel is facing the same quest as the main character in "Brimstone", however he must kill 100 of the vilest creatures before being sent to heaven.
* The fight on the top of the limousine resembles that of "The Matrix Reloaded".
* In Roger's imaginary crime drama, an angel must solve a hundred crimes before she can get back into heaven. This parallels the short-lived Nickelodeon sitcom "100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd".
* Steve stays 'Best Catchphrase Ever', a reference to The Simpsons character Comic Book Guy.
* The lights breaking in the wedding reception while Hayley is in a white dress parodies the infamous prom scene from the movie "Carrie".
* Stan pushes Hayley on a chair while shouting "Jewish Chair Dance". The music played is the traditional Hava Nagila. He replaces all Hebrew with "blah" (obviously because he doesn't know any).
* The fight in the Kitchen mirrors Mr and Mrs Smith
* Operation Daycare is a reference to Project Christmas on Alias, which Jack Bristow put Sydney through.
* The bear that Stan holds up to pacify Hayley is the Grizzlebee's bear. Grizzlebee's is a fictional restaurant from the Adult Swim series Sealab 2021.

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