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ICD10 = ICD10|H|20|0|h|15
ICD9 = ICD9|364.0

Iritis is a form of anterior uveitis and refers to the inflammation of the iris of the eye.


There are two main types of iritis: acute and chronic.Acute iritis is a type of iritis that can heal independently within a few weeks. If treatment is provided, acute iritis improves quickly. Chronic iritis can exist for months or years before recovery occurs. Chronic iritis does not respond to treatment as well as acute iritis does. Chronic iritis is also accompanied by a higher risk of serious visual impairment.others

igns and symptoms

* Ocular and periorbital pain
* Photophobia
* Consensual photophobia (pain in affected eye when light is shone in unaffected eye)
* Blurred or cloudy vision
* Reddened eye, especially adjacent to the iris
* White blood cells (leukocytes) (resulting in a grey or near-white haze) and protein (resulting in tiny white dots) in the anterior chamber, often called "cells and flare."
* Synechia (adhesion of iris to lens or cornea)

Causes and Comorbidities

* Physical eye trauma [ [ Common Eye Disorders] ]

Inflammatory and Autoimmune Disorders:
* ankylosing spondylitis and other HLA-B27 related disorders [ [ The Iritis Organization] ]
* Iridocyclitis, and other forms of uveal tract inflammation.
* Rheumatoid arthritis
* Behcet's disease
* Crohn's disease
* Lupus [ [ The Iritis Organization] ]
* Reiter's disease
* Chronic psoriasis
* Psoriatic arthritis
* Sarcoidosis
* Scleroderma
* Ulcerative colitis
* Gout [ [ Common Eye Disorders] ]

* Tuberculosis [ [ The Iritis Organization] ]
* Lyme Disease [ [ eMedicine - Iritis Causes] ]
* Syphilis [ [ eMedicine - Iritis Causes] ]
* Toxoplasmosis [ [ eMedicine - Iritis Causes] ] [ [ The Iritis Organization] ]
* Toxocaridae [ [ The Iritis Organization] ]
* Herpes Simplex [ [ eMedicine - Iritis Causes] ]
* Herpes Zoster Virus [ [ eMedicine - Iritis Causes] ]

* Leukemia [ [ Common Eye Disorders] ]
* Lymphoma [ [ Common Eye Disorders] ]
* Malignant melanoma [ [ Common Eye Disorders] ]

Iritis is usually secondary to some other systemic condition, but can be the only apparent somatic symptom.


Complications of iritis may include the following:
* Cataract
* glaucoma
* corneal calcification
* posterior uveitis
* blindness
* band keratopathy
* cystoid macular oedema.


* Steroid anti-inflammatory eye drops (such as prednisolone acetate)
* Dilating eye drops (to help prevent synechia and reduce photophobia)
* Pressure-reducing eye drops (such as brimonidine tartrate)
* Oral steroids (such as prednisone)
* Subconjunctival steroid injections
* Steroid-sparing agents such as methotrexate (for prolonged, chronic iritis)


External links

* [ Care of the Patient with Anterior Uveitis (CPG7)] (PDF)
* [ Iritis Organization]
* [ Assessment of the Red Eye - Iritis]
* [ Medical Info on Iritis]

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