The three letter abbreviation SIP can refer to the following:

Business and Economics

* Share Incentive Plan, a share plan for company employees
* Systematic Investment Plan, an investment strategy.
* Sales Incentive Plan
* Student Insurance Partners, laptop insurance for students, faculty and staff of K-12 schools


* Session Initiation Protocol, an IP network protocol often used for VOIP (Voice Over IP) telephony
* Scilab Image Processing, an image processing toolbox for Scilab
* Service Improvement Plan, provides improved telecommunications services in Canada
* Server Interface Pod, a Dell product that transfers signals to a KVM switch
* Service Interface Point, defined as the interface between two provider networks.
* Simple IP, a data services authentication method used in CDMA
* Single in-line package for packaging components
* Stone method, ("s"trongly "i"mplicit "p"rocedure), in the numerical analysis
* System in package, chip technology
* System idle process, a process in Windows NT-based operating systems
* SaaS Integration platform, a platform for developing software as a service
* Scala Improvement Proposal, a document that describes a proposed change to the Scala language
* The Society of Internet Professionals, an accreditation association based in Canada
* Soft Input Panel, the main input method on Pocket PC
* System Information Processor, a tool used to gather computer system information
* Strategy, Infrastructure & Product, one of the process areas of the eTOM framework
* Submission Information Package, a piece of data for ingestion by a digital library [ [ Harvard E-Journal Archive ] ]
* Software Isolated Process


* Seat Indication Point in vehicle design
* Silicon_intellectual_property (SIP, Silicon IP) is a business model for a semiconductor company where the company licenses its technology to a customer as intellectual property. HKSTP provides services of SIP hardening and QIP measurement (standard of SIP quality by VSIA).
* Spectral Induced Polarisation in geophysics
* Structural insulated panel in construction
* Supplementary Ideographic Plane in the context of Unicode
* Suzhou Industrial Park, a major industrial district in China


* Semi-Infinite Programming a type of mathematical optimization problem


* Sterilization In Place, a process using one or more components of food/drug processing equipment
* Simferopol Airport airport codes|SIP, an airport in the Ukraine
* Scottish Independence Party
* Scottish International Productions, a theatre company based in Edinburgh
* SIP Animation, the company following Saban International Paris
* SIP (Società Idroelettrica Piemontese), the former name of Telecom Italia
* State Implementation Plan, such as the United States Environmental Protection Agency
* Structural Insulated Panel, a composite building material
* Shelter Implementation Plan for dealing with the remains of the Chernobyl disaster
* Statistically Improbable Phrases
* Strangers in Paradise, an award-winning comic book
* Service Information Program, used by BMW for its Computer Based Training
* Shopper Insight Platform, an IT/process solution offered by IRI and IBM
* Senior Independent Project, a graduation requirement of Kalamazoo College
* Social Information Processing
* Soviet Interview Project
* Sub-Irrigated Planter, a type of gardening container.


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