Biometric time clock

Biometric time clock

Biometric time clocks are a class of employee time clock that detect a persons biological attributes to identify them. Examples of this are the hand print clock, which detects the overall attributes of a person's hand, fingerprint clock, and retina scanning clock.


Many organisations suspect that some employees may be clockingin for their friends. Employees may also be persistently losing theircards or fobs or leaving them at home. It costs time and money toupdate the employee’s work record in the time and attendancesystem or to produce a new card. Each organisation must considerwhether biometric technology is the most appropriate answer fortheir problems. There is no one-size-fits-all solution.
Ninety-nine percent of biometric systems are based on fingerprintor hand-geometry biometrics. Public acceptability is likely toincrease as many types of organisations from schools to bankscontinue to find uses for biometric technology.

It will also show clearly and accurately which of their colleagues areat work and pulling their weight, and which are unfairly offloadingtheir workload onto their long-suffering colleagues.

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