G and H class destroyer

G and H class destroyer

"Havant" class

These six ships were ordered by the Brazilian Navy but on the outbreak of World War II they were requisitioned by the Royal Navy. They are usually included with the H class.

Argentine Navy

Seven ships were built for the Argentine Navy as the "Buenos Aires" class, they were delivered in 1938. They were built by Vickers Armstrongs (Barrow), Cammell Laird and John Brown & Company (Clydebank).

Brazilian Navy

Brazil ordered six "Jarua" class ships from Britain in 1938. These ships were purchased by Britain on the outbreak of war in 1939 and are described above. The Brazilians decided to produce indigenous destroyers, the "Acre" class, at the Ihla das Cobras shipyard, Rio de Janeiro. The design was based on the H-class plans supplied by Britain but with convert|5|in|mm|0|sing=on guns supplied by the USA. Although laid down in 1940, the ships were not completed until 1949-51.

Royal Hellenic Navy

Two ships, modified versions of the G class, were built for the Greek Royal Hellenic Navy by Yarrow.
* "Vasilefs Georgios": Named after King George I, she served with the RHN during the Greco-Italian War. Damaged by German aircraft, she managed to reach the Salamis Navy Yard and was put in drydock for repairs, where after further damage during German air attacks, she was finally scuttled to prevent capture. The Germans raised and repaired her and she was commissioned into the Kriegsmarine as "Hermes" (ZG3) on 21 March 1942. "Hermes" was heavily damaged off Cape Bon on 30 April 1943 and scuttled on 7 May 1943.
* "Vasilissa Olga": Named after Queen Olga, she served with the RHN during the Greco-Italian War. Along with other ships, escaped to Alexandria in May 1941 and joined the Allied forces. She was lost to German aircraft while anchored in Lakki Bay, Leros on 26 September 1943.Two further ships, the "Vasilefs Konstantinos" and "Vasilissa Sofia", named after King Constantine I and Queen Sofia respectively, were to be built in Greece, but construction halted due to the outbreak of the Second World War.



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