Jat Tehnika

Jat Tehnika

type = Company
company_name = Jat Tehnika
foundation = 1927
location = flagicon|Serbia Belgrade, Serbia
key_people = Budimir Hinić, C.E.O.
industry = Engineering, maintenance and transportation
num_employees = 930 (2008)
revenue = profit $34.5 million (2007)| homepage = [http://www.jat-tehnika.aero/index.php http://www.jat-tehnika.aero/]

Jat Tehnika ("Serbian Cyrillic: Jат Техника / Latin alphabet: Jat tehnika") or often simply referred to as "Tehnika" is a Serbian company responsible for the aviation engineering and maintenance. Based at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport it is responsible for aircraft maintenance of Serbia's national carrier Jat Airways as well as other carriers from Europe.

The company has a license to maintain all Airbus and Boeing manufactured planes and is therefore the biggest aviation engineering and maintenance company in the Balkans.It has 930 employees and a profit of 22 million Euros (at the end of 2007). [cite web |url=http://www.biznisnovine.com/cms/item/stories/sr.html?view=story&id=12805|title=Jat tehnika 200 miliona €|accessdate=2008-07-05|date=2008-06-16|publisher=Biznis Novine|language=Serbian]


The origins of Jat Tehnika date back to the creation of Aeroput, the then national airline of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. Tehnika was a subsidury of the national airline which later changed its name to JAT Yugoslav Airlines and then later to Jat Airways. The company's good name was mostly established due to the extremely good safety record the airline has.

The first technicians and mechanics started working as pioneers of this profession in 1927. Jat Airways as a company was founded in 1947 (as the successor of Aeroput), and in 1963 the jet-engine fleet was introduced. The first wide body DC-10 aircraft arrived in 1978, followed by the new technology aircraft B737-300 in 1984.

In 2005 the company launched a strike which paralysed the national airline Jat Airways for a month. Jat Technics were unhappy with their working conditions and pay. [cite web |url=http://arhiva.kurir-info.co.yu/Arhiva/2005/mart/21/V-14-21032005.shtml|title=Jat pat pozicija|accessdate=2008-07-05|date=2005-03-25|publisher=Kurir|language=Serbian] In order to continue safe transportation of passengers Jat Airways brought North African technicians to Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport which further angered the workers of Jat Tehnika seeing that their needs were being ignored. [cite web|url=http://arhiva.glas-javnosti.co.yu/arhiva/2005/03/29/srpski/E05032802.shtml|title=Mehaničari iz Tunisa pod policijskom pratnjom|accessdate=2008-07-05|date=2005-03-29|publisher=Glas Javnosti|language=Serbian] Finally the government of Serbia stepped in and made Jat Tehnika an independent company owned by the government which would still have close ties with Jat Airways (allowed to share logo of the national airline, service Jat's aircraft etc). The pay was slightly increased and business picked up. The strike came to an end and the national airline and Jat Tehnika have remained close ever since. However the split allowed Tehnika to start servicing aircraft from other parts of the world.

Later in 2005 Jat Tehnika received the JAR 145 certificate from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) allowing the company to maintain all aircraft from the European Union. On the February 5, 2007 the company also obtained a certificate from the American Federal Aviation Administration. This certificate enables Jat Tehnika to service airplanes from the United States of America.

In late 2007 the government of Serbia announced they would privatise the company by the end of 2008.

The company's good reputation was established due to the extremely strong safety record Jat Airways has.


Jat Tehnika will be privatised during 2008. The Serbian government is selling 70% of Tehnika shares to a foreign investor which has had experience in the field of aviation engineering. The opening date for the submission of offers commenced on June 16 and will last until September 26, after which the best offer will be selected. [cite web |url=http://www.b92.net//biz/vesti/srbija.php?yyyy=2008&mm=06&dd=16&nav_id=303944|title=Objavljen tender za Jat tehniku|accessdate=2008-07-05|date=2008-06-16|publisher=b92.net|language=Serbian]

Currently there are three major companies bidding for the purchase, with the most determined offer coming from Singapore based ST Engineering as well as companies from Israel and the United States. [cite web |url=http://exyuaviation.blogspot.com/2008/06/jat-tehnika-privatisation-deadline.html|title=Jat Tehnika privatisation deadline September 26|accessdate=2008-07-05|date=2008-06-16|publisher=exyuaviation.blogspot.com|language=English]


The base facility of Jat Tehnika at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport consists of three fully equipped hangars (all necessary equipment including central spare parts storage, tooling and aircraft stands and handling equipment storage). The first is designed for line-maintenance tasks as well as for trouble shooting operations, and can carry up to three medium-size planes each (such as the DC-9 and B727). There is also one fully equipped hangar designed for aircraft overhaul which can carry up to three medium size planes (such as the B737-300) including annexes for all aircraft components shop maintenance. The facility also consists of one large aircraft hangar designed for large long-range planes maintenance with space capacity of 9,000 sqm. It is able to fit up to three DC-10's or MD-11's or two B747-400.



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