Fire drill

Fire drill

A fire drill is a method of practicing the evacuation of a building for a fire or other emergency. Generally, the emergency system (usually an alarm) is activated and the building is evacuated as though a real fire had occurred. Usually, the time it takes to evacuate is measured to ensure that it occurs within a reasonable length of time.

Rapid dismissal

Sometimes done in schools, a rapid dismissal is similar to a fire drill. However, unlike a conventional fire drill, students are not permitted to return to the building for the remainder of that day. In a rapid dismissal, students gather their personal belongings and other items that they will be taking home beforehand. After evacuating, a roll call is taken, and students are dismissed from the evacuation location. Rapid dismissals are sometimes substituted for conventional fire drills, as they often satisfy fire drill procedures legally required.

Fire drill regulations

Many jurisdictions require that fire drills be conducted at certain intervals. This is most often the case in elementary, middle, and high schools, but sometimes other places as well. Often the frequency of such drills and any special actions that must be taken during such drills are listed in the statute.

United States

United Kingdom

The Department for Education and Skills requires that schools perform a fire drill at least once per academic year and recommends that one should occur termly. According to the "Fire Precautions (Workplace) Regulations 1997", all workplaces must have an emergency plan consisting of staff actions, evacuation plans and arrangements for contacting the fire brigade. [ DfES | Teachernet | Emergencies] ]


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