Aeneas (disambiguation)

Aeneas (disambiguation)

Aeneas was a Trojan hero and important figure in Virgil's "Aeneid" and Homer's "Iliad".

Other people and things called Aeneas include:

*Aeneas Silvius, mythological king of Alba Longa
*Aeneas Tacticus (fl. 4th century BC), Greek writer
*Aeneas of Gaza (fl. 5th century AD), philosopher

*Aeneas de Caprara (1631-1701), Austrian field marshall
*Aeneas Chigwedere (b. 1939), Zimbabwean politician
*Aeneas Coffey (1780-1852), inventor of the Coffey still
*Æneas baron Mackay (1839-1909), prime minister of the Netherlands
*Æneas Shaw (c.1740–1814), soldier and politician of Upper Canada
*Aeneas Williams (b. 1968), U.S. athlete

*HMS "Aeneas" (P427), Royal Navy submarine
*"Aeneas" (troopship), wrecked 1805

;Italian cognate "Enea"
*Enea Silvio Piccolomini (1405–1464), later Pope Pius II

;Portuguese cognate "Enéas"
*Enéas Carneiro (1938–2007), Brazilian politician

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