Carmichael (crater)

Carmichael (crater)

lunar crater data

caption=Carmichael crater (upper left) from Apollo 15. "NASA photo."
diameter=20 km
depth=3.6 km
eponym=Leonard Carmichael

Carmichael is a lunar impact crater that is located along the eastern edge of the Sinus Amoris, in the northeastern quadrant of the Moon's near side. It lies within a couple of crater diameters south-southwest of the smaller Hill crater. Further to the east-northeast is the prominent Macrobius crater. This crater was designated 'Macrobius A' before being given a name by the IAU.

This crater is generally circular, with a small floor at the middle of the sloping interior walls. There is a low rise of scree along the southeast inner wall. The crater is free of notable impacts along the rim or the interior, although a tiny craterlet is situated in the lunar mare just outside the rim to the south-southwest.


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* [ LTO-43C4 Carmichael] — L&PI topographic map

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