EGL Programming Language

EGL Programming Language

EGL (Enterprise Generation Language) is a high level modern business oriented programming language, designed by IBM to be platform independent. EGL is similar in syntax to other common languages so it can be learned by application developers with similar previous programming background. EGL application development abstractions shield programmers from the technical interfaces of systems and middleware allowing them to focus on building business functionality. EGL applications and services are written, tested and debugged at the EGL source level, and once they are satisfactorily functionally tested they can be compiled into either COBOL or Java code to support deployment of robust, scalable solutions to any of the following target runtime environments:

*Microsoft Windows, Linux, Unix running JVM, for example in the context of a Java EE servlet container (IBM WebSphere Application Server, Apache Tomcat, GlassFish)
*IBM System z9: CICS, Batch, Unix System Services, Linux, WebSphere Application Server
*IBM System i: IBM i5/OS, IBM WebSphere Application Server EGL programming tools are available as an [ Eclipse] -based commercial product, the IBM Rational Business Developer Extension.

EGL can accommodate conversion from older and stabilized IBM and Informix 4th generation languages, due to upwardly compatible language semantics and a set of conversion tools available in the Rational Business Developer product.

External links

* [ IBM EGL Cafe Community Site]
* [ IBM's developerWork EGL zone]
* [ IBM's developerWork Rational Business Developer zone]
* [ IBM Rational Business Developer product page]

Books on EGL

* IBM Rational Business Developer with EGL, ISBN 978-158347-066-4.

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