Timus the Mouse

Timus the Mouse

Timus the Mouse is a fictional character written in a trilogy of books.

*Book 1: Timus the Mouse (2006, 2007)
*Book 2: Rilbarr the Sailor Rat (2007)
*Book 3: Unknown (?)

They are fantasy novels, and have the Redwall-esque approach. Instead of Redwall, they have a community of creatures that live in a tree called Agritai. In the original, there was a Warlord named Gigafeather that had stolen it from the Rodent Kingdom (Mice, chipmunks, hares, squirrels, otters, etc.) so that the Bird Kingdom could overtake it, and rule the Mountains. (The location of Agritai.) This is much like Redwall, with weapon wielding creatures that include Warriors and such.

Main Characters from Rilbarr's the Sailor Rat's List

*Rilbarr: A single rat sailor of the high seas
*Pea: A small pea crab from the Great Ocean, follows Rilbarr on his quest of discovery.
*Kite: A Kite butterfly from the Monarch Tree. KITE stands for Kalloway Indargi Talamar Elliwatt
*Timus: The Warrior Mouse of Agritai.
*Tikus: Timus's younger sister. She wears a large frilly dress, and is quite energetic
*Kiki: Timus's youngest sister. She's the only one with yellow rimmed eyes
*Pik: The second oldest in the family. Has a long whip like tail, and is unusually small.
*Mitch: Youngest in the family. He is unusually yellowish brown pelted, and is a magnificent scholar.
*Chubb: Oldest in the family. He is a giant mouse who has a strange slang, and great hearing
*Martha: Timus's mother
*Gregor: An old Mountain hare that took Timus's family to Agritai
*Alami: Chipper Leader of the Chipmunk Hideout
*Charriot: Young Chipper Artist in the Chipmunk Hideout
*Hafi: Charriot's companion-ChipperWarrior
*Asgard: The Shrew Tribal Leader
*Gruttergin: The Mole Squadron Leader
*Gringo: Leader of the Ferret Squadron
*Gall: Recorder of Agritai
*Jimp: Young Squirrel found by Gall in the Coniferous Forest a while ago.
*Dingsling: Leader of the Otter Squadron
*Scritchett: Shrew Jouster of Agritai


*Greenback Strongshaft the Assassin: A stocky, well built lizard, that has arrows spelling “death.”
*Harkani Visor: Leader of the Snake Kingdom
*Needle: A backstabbing squirrel assassin, assistant of Greenback Strongshaft
*Gilgatt and Hunh: Rilbarr’s troublesome pirating brothers that are tailing him mercilessly to bring him back to the Loorelands.


*Redbeak: The leader of Red Clan pigeons
*Redbreast: Second in command of Red Clan pigeons, is married to Nursei.
*Virtal: The last remaining pigeon of Blue Clan, who has joined the Red Clan.
*Yellowbeak: The leader of Yellow Clan of old. Is now living with Red Clan.
*Lazereye: Mercenary gannet that hangs around with Red Clan.
*Needle: A squirrel in the Ring of Assassins


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