Canaan (disambiguation)

Canaan (disambiguation)

Canaan was the ancient Biblical region of the Levant.

Canaan may also refer to:


*Canaan, Kings County, Nova Scotia
*Canaan, Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia
*Canaan, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia

;United States
*Canaan, Connecticut
*Canaan, Indiana
*Canaan, Maine
*Canaan, New Hampshire
*Canaan, New York
*Canaan Valley, West Virginia
**Canaan Valley Resort State Park
**Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge (CVNWR)
*Canaan, Vermont
*New Canaan, Connecticut
*South Canaan, Pennsylvania

*Canaan, Trinidad
*Canaan, Tobago


*Tawfiq Canaan (1882 – 1964), physician and researcher of Palestinian popular heritage
*Islam Cana'an (b. 1983), Israeli footballer
*K'naan (b. 1978), Canadian/Somalian hip-hop artist
*Cannan, webcartoonist and co-creator of Holy Bibble
*Canaan Banana (1936-2003), first President of Zimbabwe

Other uses

*Canaan (Bible), Son of Ham and grandson of Noah in the Hebrew Bible
*Canaan (band), Italian darkwave/ambient/gothic band
*xCANAANx, straight edge metalcore band
*Canaan, character of the "Xenosaga" videogame series
*Canaan Dog, national dog breed of Israel
*Canaan Partners, global venture capital firm
*Canaan Records, Christian record label
*"Land of Canaan", forthcoming horror film
*"The Settlers of Canaan", multiplayer board game

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