Bellerophon (disambiguation)

Bellerophon (disambiguation)

Bellerophon is a hero in Greek mythology.

Bellerophon may also refer to:

* "Bellerophon (mollusc)", a species of Paleozoic snail
* 51 Pegasi b, nicknamed Bellerophon, the first exosolar planet discovered around a main sequence star
* Six ships of the Royal Navy named HMS "Bellerophon"
* "Bellerophon", a starship in the movie "Forbidden Planet"
* One ship in the United States Navy and two in the fictional world of Star Trek named USS "Bellerophon"
* Bellerophon, the antidote to the fictional Chimera virus in the film
* Bellerophon, a moon in Joss Whedon's "Firefly"/"Serenity" universe
* Bellerophon program, a program to detect chimeric sequences
* 1808 Bellerophon, an asteroid

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