BBL (disambiguation)

BBL (disambiguation)

BBL can refer to:

* Baltic Basketball League
* Basketball Bundesliga
* Bank Bruxelles Lambert, a Belgian bank, now merged into ING Group
* Internet acronym for "Be Back Later"
* Benthic Boundary Layer
* Bird Banding Laboratory
* British Basketball League
* British Brothers League
* Blasland, Bouck, Lee
* Oxford council estate Blackbird Leys
* Balgzand Bacton Line (BBL Pipeline)
* Borough, Block and Lot
* the Blanchard, Bailey, and Lawrence theory, a controversial theory on MtF transsexual behaviour.

bbl can refer to:
* an abbreviation for a barrel, see Barrel (unit)
* an abbreviation for carburetor barrels, in the automotive world
* the filename extension produced by BibTeX

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