Line of succession to the Iranian throne

Line of succession to the Iranian throne

The Iranian Monarchy was overthrown following the Islamic Revolution in 1979 with the Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi going into exile.

Line of succession to the Pahlavi claim

Under the Pahlavi Dynasty the law of succession stated the Shah must profess the Islamic faith, his mother must be an Iranian citizen, a Muslim and not descended from the previous Qajar dynasty which rules out a number of descendants of Reza Shah.

*Pretender: HIH Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi

#HIH Prince Ali-Reza Pahlavi II (born 1966)

Line of succession to the Qajar claim

The Qajar dynasty was deposed in 1925 with Reza Shah ascending the Peacock throne. The Iranian Constitution of 1906 set out the succession for princes whose mother is a Qajar princess and of Persian race. Only males are allowed to succeed.

*Pretender HIH Prince Mohammad Hassan Mirza II (born 1949)

#HH Prince Arsalan Mirza
#HH Prince Mohammad Ali Mirza (born 1942)
#HH Prince Ali Mirza Qajar (born 1929)

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*List of kings of Persia


* [ Qajar succession]
* [ Royal Ark]

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