Ram, ram, or RAM as a non-acronymic word

As a non-acronymic word Ram, ram, or RAM may refer to:


* Sheep, an uncastrated male of which is called a ram
* Ram cichlid, a species of freshwater fish endemic to Colombia and Venezuela


* Ramming, a military tactic in which one vehicle runs into another
* Naval ram, a weapon affixed to the bow of ironclad battleships in the late 19th century
* Ram tank, a Canadian tank of the Second World War

In music

* RAM (band), a mizik rasin band based in Port-au-Prince, Haiti
* rAm (band), a short-lived rock and roll band from Oregon, USA, active in 2002
* Ram (band), a short-lived progressive rock band based in New York City, United States, active in 1972
* "Ram" (album), a 1971 UK #1 album by Paul & Linda McCartney

ports teams

* RAM Racing, a Formula One racing team active between 1976 and 1985
* Derby County Football Club, an English football club known as the Rams
* St. Louis Rams, the National Football League team from St. Louis, Missouri, United States
* Fordham University Rams, the sports teams of Fordham University in New York City, New York, United States
* Colorado State University Rams, the sports teams of Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado, United States
* University of Rhode Island Rams, the sports teams of the University of Rhode Island in Kingston, Rhode Island, United States
* Rockville High School Rams, the sports teams of Rockville High School in Vernon, Connecticut, United States
* Hightstown High School Rams, the sports team of Hightstown High School in Hightstown, New Jersey, United States


* Ram is a very common Hindu name for males, as it was the name of their God who happened to be the king of Ayodhya in ancient India, Shri Rama
* Ram (Bible)
* Ramnaresh Sarwan, a West Indian cricket player
* Andy Ram, an Israeli tennis player
* Ram, a fictional character from the science fiction television program "The Tribe"
* Rama (disambiguation) for other people named Ram (spelled also as Rama)

In hydraulics

* Hydraulic ram, a type of water-powered cyclic pump
** Rams, used as tools to extract victims of a car collision from the vehicle


* Ramjet, a type of jet engine particularly suitable for supersonic speeds
* Dodge Ram, a full-size pickup truck
* Aries (astrology), symbolized as a ram
* Aries (constellation), symbolized as a ram
* Ram (company), a Japanese visual novel studio
* Ram Mounts, a modular range of products to mount, hold and stabilise devices, and the trading name of the company which makes them
* Remote Area Medical Volunteer corp of USA
* Ram (comics) a fictional Japanese superhero published by DC Comics.

RAM as an abbreviation

The abbreviation RAM may refer to:
* Random access memory, computer memory that can be read from and written to in arbitrary sequence
* Random access machine
* .ram, a file extension for the RealAudio file format
* Radar absorbent material, a material designed to prevent detection of a vehicle or structure by radar
* Random access machine, a theoretical computer model
* Rassemblement pour l'action municipale, a municipal political party in Trois-Rivières, Quebec, Canada
* Real Action Marker (Paintball Marker), a brand marketed by Umarex and produced by Qian Wei Paintball
* Rectangular approximation method, a method of approximating the integral of a function
* "Regiunea Autonomă Maghiară", the Hungarian Autonomous Province of Romania (1952-68)
* Relative atomic mass, the mass of an atom at rest
* Residents Action Movement, a left-wing coalition in the Auckland Region of New Zealand
* RIM-116 Rolling Airframe Missile, a short-range surface-to-air missile
* Riverside Art Museum in Riverside, California
* Rock Australia Magazine, a musical journal/magazine published in Australia
* Root apical meristem
* Royal Academy of Music, in London, England
* Royal Air Maroc, the national airline of Morocco
* Royal Alberta Museum, in Alberta, Canada
* Royal Arch Masonry, in the York Rite the next order a Freemason can join after becoming a Master Freemason
* Rechargeable Alkaline Manganese, a type of dry cell battery

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