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Carole Mortimer (b. England) is a popular British writer of over 140 romance novels. She is one of Mills & Boon's most popular and prolific authors. Since her first novel, published in 1978, this writer has shown no signs of slowing her pace.


Personal life

Carole Mortimer was born in a village in England. She adds that her parents still live in the house where she first came into the world, and her two brothers live very close by.Citation| title = Mills & Boon's Biography| url =| accessdate = 2007-08-06]

Carole's early ambition to become a nurse came to an abrupt end after only one year of training due to a weakness in her back, suffered in the aftermath of a fall. Instead, she went on to work in the computer department of a well-known stationery company.

She enjoys reading Anne Mather's books and one of her all-time favourite books is the "Outlander Series" by Diana Gabaldon.Citation| title = Mills & Boon's Interview| url =| accessdate = 2007-08-06]

Carole lives with her husband, and their six children (with 22 years of difference between the first-born and the unexpected youngest child.), and menagerie of pets, including a dog acquired several years ago in Canada, which is actually half-coyote.

Writing career

Her first manuscript was far too short and the plotline not up to standard, and it was rejected. But her second manuscript "The passionate Winter", was accepted and since its publication in 1978, this writer has shown no signs of slowing her pace.

Carole creates the characters for the heroine and hero, and then she letting them tell their own story. They become real to her and she hate to let them go.

Her strong, traditional romances, with their distinct style, brilliantly developed characters and romantic plot twists, have earned her an enthusiastic audience worldwide.


Citation| title = Carole Mortimer in Fantastic Fiction| url =| accessdate = 2007-08-06]

Single Novels

*"The passionate Winter" (1978)
*"The Tempestuous Flame" (1979)
*"Tempted by Desire" (1979)
*"Only Lover" (1979)
*"Savage Interlude" (1979)
*"Deceit of a Pagan" (1980)
*"Engaged to Jarrod Stone" (1980)
*"Fear of Love" (1980)
*"Yesterday's Scars" (1980)
*"Brand of Possession" (1980)
*"Living Together" (1980)
*"Devil Lover" (1981)
*"Flame of Desire" (1981)
*"Ice in His Veins" (1981)
*"Satan's Master" (1981)
*"First Love, Last Love" (1981)
*"Freedom to Love" (1981)
*"Point of No Return" (1981)
*"Forbidden Surrender" (1982)
*"Love's Duel" (1982)
*"Captive Loving" (1982)
*"Shadowed Stranger" (1982)
*"Burning Obsession" (1982)
*"Red Rose for Love" (1982)
*"Forgotten Lover" (1982)
*'Elusive Lover" (1982)
*"Golden Fever" (1982)
*"Passion from the Past" (1982)
*"Perfect Partner" (1982)
*"Hidden Love" (1982)
*"Fantasy Girl" (1983)
*"Love Unspoken" (1983)
*"Love's Only Deception" (1983)
*"Sensual Encounter" (1983)
*"Lifelong Affair" (1983)
*"Undying Love" (1983)
*"Pagan Enchantment" (1983)
*"The Failed Marriage" (1983)
*"Subtle Revenge" (1983)
*"Everlasting Love" (1984)
*"Hard to get" (1984)
*"Lost Love" (1984)
*"Untamed" (1984)
*"Unwilling Desire" (1984)
*"Gypsy" (1985)
*"A No Risk Affair" (1985)
*"Tempestuous Affair" (1985)
*"Passionate Lover" (1985)
*"Trust in Tomorrow" (1985)
*"A Past Revenge" (1985)
*"Lovers in the Afternoon" (1985)
*"Cherish Tomorrow" (1985)
*"The Devil's Price" (1985)
*"Lady Surrender" (1985)
*"Darkness into Light" (1985)
*"Knight's Possession" (1985)
*"Glass Slippers and Unicorns" (1986)
*"The Wade Dynasty" (1986)
*"No Longer a Dream" (1986)
*"Hawk's Prey" (1986)
*"Merlyn's Magic" (1986)
*"Velvet Promise" (1986)
*"A Rogue and a Pirate" (1986)
*"After the Loving" (1987)
*"Tangled Hearts" (1987)
*"Taggart's Woman" (1987)
*"Witchchild" (1987)
*"Secret Passion" (1987)
*"Wish for the Moon" (1987)
*"Uncertain Destiny" (1987)
*"Just One Night" (1988)
*"Elusive as the Unicorn" (1989)
*"Memories of the Past" (1991)
*"Romance of a Lifetime" (1991)
*"The Jilted Bridegroom" (1992)
*"Mother of the Bride" (1992)
*"Private Lives" (1992)
*"Elusive Obsession" (1992)
*"Gracious Lady" (1993)
*"Return Engagement" (1993)
*"Hunter's Moon" (1993)
*"War of Love" (1994)
*"The One and Only" (1995)
*"One-man Woman" (1996)
*"Wildest Dreams" (1997)
*"A Marriage to Remember" (1997)
*"Married by Christmas" (1998)
*"The Diamond Bride" (1998)
*"Married by Contract" (1998)
*"Jilted" (1998)
*"Joined by Marriage" (1998)
*"Trials by Marriage" (1999)
*"A Man to Marry" (1999)
*"The Yuletide Engagement" (1999)
*"A Yuletide Seduction" (1999)
*"Their Engagement Is Announced" (2000)
*"Bound by Contract" (2000)
*"The Secret Virgin" (2001)
*"Liam's Secret Son" (2001)
*"The Fiance Fix" (2002)
*"Keeping Luke's Secret" (2002)
*"An Enigmatic Man" (2003)
*"Bride by Blackmail" (2003)
*"In Separate Bedrooms" (2003)
*"His Bid for a Bride" (2004)
*"Claiming His Christmas Bride" (2004)
*"The Vengeance Affair" (2004)
*"Christmas Night Miracle" (2006)
*"The Innocent Virgin" (2006)
*"Wife by Contract, Mistress by Demand" (2007)
*"Meant to Wed" (2007)
*"Billionaires Marriage Bargain" (2007)
*"Pregnant By The Millionaire" (2007)
*"The Sicilian's Ruthless Marriage Revenge" (2007)
*"At The Sicilan Count's Command" (2008)

King Series

#"Trust in Summer Madness" (1983)
#"Heaven Here on Earth" (1983)

Bennett Series

#"One Chance at Love" (1988)
#"To Love Again" (1988)
#"The Loving Gift" (1988)
#"A Christmas Affair" (1990)

Quinlan Series

#"The Fated Attraction" (1991)
#"Saving Grace" (1992)

Nine To Five Series Multi-Author

*"Two's Company" (1995)
*"His Very Personal Assistant" (2005)

To Bachelor Series

To Be Bachelor Brothers Sub-Series

#"To Woo a Wife" (1998)
#"To Be a Husband" (1998)
#"To Be a Bridegroom" (1999)

To Bachelor Sisters Sub-Series

#"To Mend a Marriage" (2000)
#"To Have a Husband" (2000)
#"To Become a Bride" (2001)
#"To Make a Marriage" (2001)

To Marry Bachelor Cousins Sub-Series

#"To Marry McKenzie" (2002)
#"To Marry McCloud" (2002)
#"To Marry McAllister" (2002)

The Calendar Mistress Series

#"His Cinderella Mistress" (2003)
#"The Unwilling Mistress" (2004)
#"The Deserving Mistress" (2004)

Prince's Series

#"Prince's Passion" (2005)
#"Prince's Pleasure" (2005)
#"The Prince's Love-Child" (2006)


*"Best of Carole Mortimer: Savage Interlude, Passionate Winter" (1984)
*"Best of Carole Mortimer: Tempestuous Flame, Tempted by Desire" (1984)
*"Carole Mortimer Duet" (1994)
*"The Collection (Seasonal Products)" (1998)
*"Secret Passion / The One and Only" (2006)

Omnibus in Collaboration

*"Romance on Holiday" (1983) ("Starfire" by Celia Scott / "Chance Meetings" by Vanessa James / "Savage Pagan" by Helen Bianchin / "Hard to Get" by Carole Mortimer)
*"Sunsationa"l (1991) ("Fantasy" by Emma Darcy / "Rent-A-Bride" by Emma Goldrick / "You Owe Me" by Penny Jordan / "Lovers in the Afternoon" by Carole Mortimer)
*"Matched By Mistake" (1996) ("Passionate Protection" by Penny Jordan / "Hotline" by Gina Wilkins / "Forbidden Surrender" by Carole Mortimer)
*"Christmas Miracles" (1996) ("A Christmas Proposal" by Betty Neels / "Heavenly Angels" by Carole Mortimer / "A Daddy For Christmas" by Rebecca Winters)
*"Mr. Mom" (1997) ("Memories of the Past" by Carole Mortimer / "The Marriage Ticket" by Sharon Brondos / "Tell Me A Story" by Dallas Schulze)
*"Wedded Bliss" (1999) ("They're Wed Again" by Penny Jordan / "The Man She'll Marry" by Carole Mortimer)
*"Nearly Weds!" (1999) ("Making Sure of Sarah" by Betty Neels / "The Man She'll Marry" by Carole Mortimer / "They're Wed Again!" by Penny Jordan")
*"Making Babies" (2001) ("Simply Irresistible" by Miranda Lee / "After the Loving" by Carole Mortimer / "His Brother's Child" by Lucy Gordon)
*"Wed Again!" (2001) ("They're Wed Again!" by Penny Jordan / Anne Mather / "The Man She'll Marry" by Carole Mortimer)
*"Christmas Secrets" (2002) ("A Heavenly Christmas" by Carole Mortimer / "Christmas Passions" by Catherine Spencer / "A Seasonal Secret" by Diana Hamilton)
*"A Child for Christmas" (2003) (Carole Mortimer / Rebecca Winters /Jennifer Taylor)
*"In the Boss's Bed" (2004) (Carole Mortimer / "Seduced by the boss" by Sharon Kendrick / "Dating her boss" by Liz Fielding)
*"Mistress to a Millionaire" (2004) ("The Bellini Bride" by Michelle Reid / "A Marriage Proposal" by Carole Mortimer)
*"All in a Day" (2005) (Carole Mortimer / Rebecca Winters / Jessica Hart)
*"Boardroom to Bedroom" (2005) ("The Boss's Marriage Arrangement" by Penny Jordan / "His Darling Valentine" by Carole Mortimer)
*"Christmas Proposals" (2006) (Carole Mortimer / Rebecca Winters / Marion Lennox)
*"Blackmailed Brides" (2006) (Kim Lawrence / Carole Mortimer / Kathryn Ross)
*"The Innocence Collection" (2007) ("Innocent Bride" by Penny Jordan / "Innocent Desires" by Carole Mortimer / "Innocent Seduction" by Kay Thorpe)

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* [ Carole Mortimer in Fantastic Fiction]

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