name = "Jasminum"

image_width = 240px
image_caption = "Jasminum polyanthum"
regnum = Plantae
divisio = Magnoliophyta
classis = Magnoliopsida
subclassis = Asteridae
ordo = Lamiales
familia = Oleaceae
tribus = Jasmineae
genus = "Jasminum"
genus_authority = L. (1753)
type_species = "Jasminum officinale" L.
subdivision_ranks = Species
subdivision = More than 200 species, see text.Sources: ING,cite web
url = http://botany.si.edu/ing/INGsearch.cfm?searchword=Jasminum
title = "Jasminum"
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title = 10. Jasminum Linnaeus
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volume = 15
pages = 307
format = HTML
] UniProtUniProt Taxonomy
name = Jasminum
id = 4147
accessdate = 2008-06-03

Jasmine or Jessamine ("Jasminum") (from Persian "yasmin", i.e. "gift from God""jasmine, -in, jessamine, -in", OED] ["jasmine." Webster's Third New International Dictionary, Unabridged. Merriam-Webster, 2002.] , via ArabicMetcalf, 1999, p. 123.] ) is a genus of shrubs and vines in the olive family (Oleaceae),with about 200 species, native to tropical and warm temperate regions of the Old World. The majority of species grow as climbers on other plants or on structures such as chicken wire, gates or fences. The leaves can be either evergreen (green all year round) or deciduous (falling leaves in autumn), and are opposite in most species; leaf shape is simple, trifoliate or pinnate with up to nine leaflets.


Jasmine flowers are generally white, although some species have yellow flowers. Unlike most genera in the Oleaceae which have four corolla lobes ("petals"), jasmines often have five or six lobes. They are often strongly and sweetly scented. Flowering is in spring or summer in most species, but in a few species, notably "J. nudiflorum", in winter on the bare branches of this deciduous species. ;Selected species

Cultivation and uses

Jasmine is widely cultivated for their flowers, enjoyed in the garden, as house plants, and as cut flowers. The flowers are worn by women in their hair in southern and southeast Asia. Many species also yield an absolute, which is used in the production of perfumes and incense.

Jasmine tisane is consumed in China, where it is called Jasmine flower tea (茉莉花茶;

Cultural importance and other information

The Jasmine is the National Flower of the following countries:

*The Philippines, where it is known as "Sampaguita", and is usually strung on garlands which are then used to adorn religious images.
*Indonesia, where the variety "Jasminum sambac" is the "puspa bangsa" (National Flower), and goes by the name "Melati", In the country, especially the island of Java, it is the most important flower in wedding ceremonies for ethnic Indonesians.
*Pakistan, where "Jasminum officinale" is known as the "Chambeli" or "Yasmine" is the national flower.
*Syria, it is the symbolic flower of Damascus, which is called the City of Jasmines.

In Sanskrit it is called "Mallika". Jasmine is cultivated at Pangala, in Karnataka, India, and exported to Middle Eastern countriesFact|date=February 2007. "J. fluminense" is an invasive species in Hawaii, where it is sometimes known by the inaccurate name "Brazilian Jasmine". "J. dichotomum" is also invasive in Florida.

In Thailand, jasmine flowers are used as a symbol of the mother.

In Okinawa Japan Jasmine Tea is known as Sanpin Cha.



External links

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