Supporting characters in Invader Zim

Supporting characters in Invader Zim

The following is a list of supporting characters from the Nickelodeon animated cartoon "Invader Zim" that have either been featured in a storyline or are recurring.


Code Name: Bill

Bill is depicted as a moronic paranormal investigator who claims that ghosts, Bigfoot, and dinosaurs are all just myths, while cereal box creatures such as Count Cocofang and Frankenchokey are real. Even when proof of the existence of the paranormal is right in front of him, he tends to dismiss it or ignore it entirely. He also believes that "Chickenfoot" is some sort of space chicken when it's made clear to the viewer that it's a man in a chicken costume. Bill appears in the episode "Career Day" and has a short cameo in "The Sad, Sad Tale of Chickenfoot".

Bill is voiced by Adam Paul.


Chickenfoot's real name is Chewie Rodrigez and he is featured in the episode "The Sad, Sad Tale of Chickenfoot". The character is a former employee of a fast food chicken franchise called Chicky Licky. He is the man who would stand in front of the restaurant in a Mr. Chicky Licky costume to help draw in customers. One day, other employees splashed dirty dishwater on the microwave while in an argument. The microwave sent out deadly waves at Chewie and it made him think that he had fused with the chicken suit. Dib persuaded him to go to the hospital in exchange for a dirty chicken toy. At the hospital, Dib eventually got the chicken suit off of Chewie.

He is voiced by David Herman.

Countess Von Verminstrasser

An exterminator specializing in lice; in the episode "Lice", Countess Von Verminstrasser was called to quarantine the skool after an invasion of lice. Though obviously crazy, it turned out Countess Von Verminstrasser's theory that there was a "Louse Queen" was correct, as one was found underneath the school. Using the lice-killing oils secreted through Zim's skin, Countess Von Verminstrasser managed to kill the Louse Queen and her spawn, causing Zim pain in the process.

Countess Von Verminstrasser is voiced by Mindy Sterling.

Mr. Dwicky

Featured in the episode "Vindicated", Mr. Dwicky, the new skool councilor, tells Dib that he believes him about Zim and agrees to help. He teams up with Dib in a plot to lure Zim into the forest using a fake Plookesian signal. While waiting for Zim, Dwicky reveals that he doesn't actually believe Dib but wanted to help in order to figure out Dib's problems. Zim finally arrives and Dwicky's world is turned upside down. Real Plookesians, named Mooshy and Spoopty, arrive and offer to take Mr. Dwicky with them. He goes, accidentally taking the camera used to film Zim with him.Mr. Dwicky is voiced by Fred Tatasciore.

Mr. Elliot

First seen in "Parent Teacher Night". A former student of Ms. Bitters, Mr. Elliot is the teacher of Gaz's class. He is usually bursting with joy, the exact opposite of his former teacher. In the cancelled episode "Simon Sez Doom!", Mr. Elliot worked as a volunteer at the orphanage where he recruited Zim and Dib. He shows up periodically and he does commercials - he can be seen in "GIR Goes Crazy and Stuff" selling antacids. According to the episode "Parent Teacher Night", his own father was also very busy and neglectful like Professor Membrane, and that he claims that he understands the two for their relationship with their father. He is voiced by S. Scott Bullock.


Iggins was featured in the episode "Game Slave 2". He calls himself the master of all reality and gaming. He seems to be obsessed with games, and will do almost anything to get one. He appears to be clever, as he tricked a store clerk into giving him the Game Slave 2 console by claiming to be the person who reserved it---a fact which infuriated Gaz, who was next in line and thus would have rightfully gotten it when the real person who ordered it did not show up. She swore to Iggins that she would get what was rightfully hers, and stalks him until he finally gives it to her. He was originally supposed to die at the end of the episode but Nickelodeon would not allow it [cite web | url= | title=An Interview with Jhonen Vasquez and Rikki Simons | author=Adam Tierney | date=1 September, 2004 | accessdate=2007-05-08 | format=HTML] ; instead, he emerged from the wreckage with super powers. He also had a minor appearance in the episode "Walk for Your Lives", shown getting arrested for "standing around and doing nothing," which may be a joke about loitering. He also has brief Appearances in episodes such as "Bolognius Maximus" and "The Voting of the Doomed".

Iggins is voiced by Paul Greenberg.


A member of the Girly Rangers, Moofy attempted to sell some cookies to Zim but got her foot trapped in a hole created by Zim's robot gopher. The media came to cover the event and Moofy, enjoying the attention, milked it for all it was worth. Zim attempted to use the situation to his advantage by talking PresidentMan into letting him use a machine that would shake Moofy free - but destroy the Earth as well. Dib turned the tables by making a deal with PresidentMan to get him to use a digging machine instead, which would likely expose Zim's base. Zim took matters into his own hands by simply yanking Moofy free.

She is voiced by Eliza Schneider.


A child kept as an experiment by Zim; He is Nerual Experiment 234, Nick's most notable feature is the large, drill-like probe jutting from his head, which causes him to be insanely, painfully happy about absolutely anything. Nick appears in both "GIR Goes Crazy and Stuff" and "The Girl Who Cried Gnome", though only has a notable role in "Zim Eats Waffles". He is voiced by Jhonen Vasquez. "Nick" may be a representation of Vasquez's feelings toward Nickelodeon, specifically that they try to make everything on their channel overly happy.


The president of the United States. Like the majority of characters on the show, Presidentman is featured as clueless and ignorant of what's going on. He is addicted to Girly Scout Ninja Star cookies to the point of doing anything for them, and gets easily excited. He once handed over control of the country to Zim when he was disguised as Santa Claus. Presidentman is an obvious parody of George W. Bush

Presidentman is voiced by Jeffrey Jones.

ergeant Slab Rankle

A security guard who appears only once, in the episode "FBI Warning of Doom".

Rankle is a megalomaniacal security guard in one of the malls in Zim's city. He takes his job far, far too seriously for words, often reassuring the camera pictures of the stores that he will protect them as they "sleep".

He first encountered Zim when he was attempting to break into the mall and return a video GIR had been watching for a month. When Zim resisted his command to surrender, Rankle quickly imprisoned him in an underground holding cell, where he keeps other people. Zim quickly escaped, and was faced down by evil zombie soldiers who pretty much collapsed in a heap, unable to fight.

Amazed by Zim's escapes, Rankle then appeared in person, asking Zim to join him, saying that, together, they could conquer the entire mall. But Zim, uninterested in the mall & creeped out by his appearance, declined, instead going home.

In the last we ever saw of Rankle, he takes Zim's rejection well, and rejuvenatedly rides an escalator back to his hovel amid the pile of zombies.

He is voiced by Robert Cait.

The Swollen Eyeball Network

A group of conspiracy theorists who have an astonishingly high standard of proof. Dib is, of course, a member - albeit a junior one, with the alias "Agent Mothman". Dib spends a fair amount of his time trying to convince the membership of the threat posed by Zim. Dib, for the majority of the series, communicates with them via video-conferencing. On screen, they appear as solid-black figures with somewhat-thick white outlines and solid-red oval discs for eyes (though due to a continuity error they are blue eyed and have pupils in Battle-Dib), disguised behind nicknames like Agent Nessie, Agent Darkbooty, Agent Disembodied-Head, and Agent Tunaghost.

However, Dib makes direct contact with Agent Darkbooty, who turns out to be (or possibly disguised as) a crafty old janitor for NASA, renamed NASAPLACE in the series, in the episode "Battle of the Planets". Darkbooty assists Dib.

In "Battle-Dib", Dib struggles to get his father to sign a permission slip so that he can make a presentation on Zim to the entirety of the Swollen Eyeball Network's membership. However, he loses the briefcase along the way, and has to reschedule.

Probably because of this, the Eyeball Network stops taking Dib too seriously, and by the time the episode "Zim Eats Waffles" rolls around, they show dislike for him. Agent Darkbooty even says, "You make me sick." Although, in a later episode "Gaz, Taster of Pork", Agent Tunaghost helps Dib to solve his problem with the "Sense of the Shadowhog" spell.
* Agent Darkbooty is voiced by Star Trek regular John DeLancie.
* Agent Nessie is voiced by Bill Chott.
* Agent Disembodied Head is voiced by Danny Cooksey.
* Agent Tunaghost is voiced by Jocelyn Blue.

Notable schoolchildren

* Brian - Sat right next to Zim and has probably had the most lines out of the schoolchildren, he also appears in the Season 1 Intro, jumping out of the way before a dodge ball hits Zim. Brian Was sent to the "Underground Classes" in "Tak, the Hideous New Girl" which depicted that he died, although Brian appears in a crowd in The Most Horrible X-mas Ever, which possibly means the Underground Classes do exist. Brian was replaced by 'Poonchy, Drinker of Hate'. He is voiced by Jhonen Vasquez.
* Sara - Sara complains a lot about Dib. She wanted to be a vet, but was told she would be an astronaut based on the results of her blotch test in Career Day. Dib's bologna stink bothered Sara so much that her head went up in smoke and she fell limp over her desk in "Bolognius Maximus". On Halloween, Mary sat at her desk in place of her. Even so, Sara was spotted on the ground among the children hurt by GIR dressed as an angel. When the class got lice, Sara banged her head against Rob's head. When Tak arrived and was about to recite her poem, Sara claimed that Tak liked Zim. Tak grew angry and hypnotized her, making her apologize and eat her eraser. She is voiced by Janice Kawaye.
* Chunk - One of the bullies that torments Dib. He has orange hair and drools. He likes dogs. He is voiced by Adam Paul.
* Torque Smackey - A schoolchild obsessed with lifting weights and sports, Torque wears a jersey with his name on it. Dib tries to protect Torque in "Dark Harvest". Torque Smackey is voiced by Jason Marsden.
* Gretchen - Has purple hair and braces and seems to have a crush on Dib. In the episode Lice, she was dragged everywhere by the louse queen enthusiast. She is voiced by Antoinette Spolar.
* Keef - Main character in "Bestest Friend" and the unfinished "The Return of Keef". Keef was meant to die in both of these episodes (the original script of The Return of Keef allows him to live though), but Nickelodeon wouldn't allow it. He does seem to reappear in the "Halloween Spectacular of Spooky Doom" episode, but only for a brief moment while Dib is looking out from his cell in the parallel dimension. He is seen sitting in a cell with several monsters. Keef is voiced by Danny Cooksey.
* Melvin - Gives a presentation during the pilot. He eats paste in "The Wettening", is hand cuffed to Dib in the episode "Lice", and his head floats off for a while in "Career Day". He is voiced by Danny Cooksey.
* Poonchy, Drinker of Hate - Has orange hair and often has his hands in the air. He was to have a major role in the unfinished episode "Invader Poonchy". He is voiced by Paul Greenberg.
* Rob - Has two orange tufts of hair which look like horns. He was transferred to the underground classrooms in "Tak, the Hideous New Girl". He is voiced by Adam Paul.
* Willy - Deemed "leadership material" by the school, but considered a bald moron by everyone else. Was the last person to use the toilet Dib was ordered by Ms. Bitters to roll around in in the episode "Bolognius Maximus". In the episode "The Voting of the Doomed", Willy is brainwashed by a laser from the principal at the end, making him more intelligent. He is voiced by Jim Wise.
* Zita - Was blinded by potatoes in "Gaz, Taster of Pork". She also used one of the three "crazy cards" given to the class to commit Dib to an insane asylum in "Halloween Spectacular of Spooky Doom". In one episode, Zita was given an A from Ms. Bitters for calling Dib crazy. She is voiced by Mo Collins.
* The Letter "M" - The Letter "M" seems to notice that Zim is weirder then most of the other kids in the "Halloween Spectacular of Spooky Doom", but still doesn't seem to think he's an alien like Dib. He is referred to as The Letter "M" in both the credits and by the other students themselves (or, at least, by Zita), and it is never shown if this is his real name, or is simply a given nickname. He is voiced by Phil Lamarr.
* Old Kid - Looks like a short adult. This character is actually revealed to be based upon the security guard at the front gate of Nickelodeon Studios (who also appears in Spongebob) in the commentary. He is voiced by Jhonen Vasquez.
* Pig Boy - A Pig student who jumps out a window and flies away when Dib offends him by trying to explain that Zim is insulting the human race by calling them "pig smellies". He is voiced by Rosearik Rikki Simons.
* The Student President - The student president at the skool suffers a mental collapse during a pep rally while attempting to make a complaint about the skool bathrooms. She is transported away by a team of elite staff members and a vote is held for a new student president held between Zim and Willy. She is voiced by Kathryn Fiore.



Zim's foreman during his exile at Foodcourtia for ruining "Operation Impending Doom I". When Zim escaped through the back door, Sizz-Lorr was trapped during the Great Foodening in which people ate so much the gravity was too strong to escape for 20 years (which, due to a time warp was a period lasting no more than a few years for the rest of the universe, according to Sizz-Lorr). When he captured Zim on Earth and returned to Foodcourtia, Zim managed to escape before the second Foodening, trapping Sizz-Lorr for another 20 years. Invader Zim creator and writer Jhonen Vasquez does point out that the invader symbols on his arms was a mistake, seeing as he never was an invader. His name is a reference to the popular Sizzler chain of restaurantsFact|date=May 2007.

Sizz-Lor is voiced by Jim Wise.

Invader Skoodge

Invader Skoodge is an Irken shown in the first episode of "Invader Zim" as being the shortest, fattest, ugliest Invader (although it is shown in the same episode that Zim is even shorter). Since the Irken culture idolizes height, Skoodge was at an instant disadvantage. In scorn of his stature, the Tallest sent him to invade Planet Blorch, home of the Slaughtering Rat People, where he was expected to die horribly.

However, Skoodge is a highly skilled Invader – the first Invader of Impending Doom Two to successfully subjugate his assigned planet. The Nickelodeon e-card for Skoodge says he survived on Blorch by eating really nasty things.

On the arrival of the Irken Armada to Blorch to proclaim their first successful Invasion, The Tallest refused to make short Skoodge their poster-boy for galactic conquest. Instead, declaring a 'new tradition' on the spot, they instead fired him out of a cannon into space. A taller Irken soldier, randomly selected by Tallest Purple, was dubbed Invader Skoodge, and paraded in front of the cameras. When Zim was sent to the planet Hobo-13 for military training (or so he thought), Skoodge was there as well and was used by Zim to get through the trials.

In the episode "Hobo 13", Skoodge is seen without a PAK, contradicting an unfinished episode that reveals Irkens can only survive ten minutes without a PAK.

Had the series continued, Skoodge would have begun living in Zim's basement, as shown by the cancelled episode "Day of Da Spookies".

Invader Skoodge is voiced by Ted Raimi.


Tak, another Irken with a serious grudge against Zim appears on Earth in "". Originally assigned to janitorial duty, she comes to Earth to steal Zim's mission and impress the Tallest, hoping to achieve Invader status in this way. On Earth, she shows herself far separate from the other Irkens, at least in the area of disguise, with hers being perfect (in sharp contrast to the camouflage skills of most other Irkens seen). She also owns a SIR unit named Mimi, who wears a cat disguise. She was set to come back as a villain in unfinished episode "Top of the Line", and if the series were to be continued she would have been a recurring villain, excluding "Top of the Line".

Tak is voiced by Olivia D'Abo.


Lard Nar

Lard Nar is the leader of the resistance against the Irken empire, known as The Resisty. Appearing only in the season two premier, "Backseat Drivers from Beyond the Stars", he and The Resisty were scheduled to appear in the unnamed season two finale. His primary concern is to keep The Resisty alive and fed before attempting a coup on the Irken Empire. He was the captain of a Vortian ship, until it entered "Shrinky Self-Destruct" mode, ejecting all crew members and detonating a significantly smaller ship.

In the episode, after over-hearing the Tallests exclaim their weapons were deactivated, providing an opportunity to destroy the Massive, Lard Nar commands "Get those snacks!" which was one of the worst ideas he could have come up with at the time.

Lard Nar and the rest of The Resisty crew make cameo appearances in The Frycook What Came From All That Space, although they are scattered and normally only shown for a few brief seconds.

Lard Nar is voiced By Fred Tatasciore.

Mortos Der Soulstealer

A demon-like being, Mortos Der Soulstealer appears in every one thousand years on Earth when the moon aligns with "Jakunga". In the episode, Dib attempts to utilize Mortos to steal Zim's soul, unfortunately Mortos is extremely lazy and a mooch, refusing to do anything until his "power levels" are up.

Eventually, Mortos returns to "the place beneath the overworld" after mistakingly granting the wish of a nearby bystander for ice cream instead of Dib's wish to steal Zim's soul.

He is featured in the episode 'Mortos Der Soulstealer'

Mortos is voiced by Wally Wingert.

ergeant Hobo 678

The being in charge of the Hobo 13 military training facility. In the episode "Hobo 13", Zim and Skoodge are both sent by The Tallest on what the Tallest are hoping is an ensured death mission. However, Zim manages to complete the trials and defeat Sergeant Hobo 678 at the expense of all his teammates. Sergeant Hobo 678 is supposedly eaten by a monster and appears to take Invader Skoodge with him.

Sergeant Hobo 678 is voiced by R. Lee Ermey.

The Robo-Parents

Two robots created by Zim to act as parents for his human guise. However, due to their extreme mental instability, the Robo-Parents are rarely used. In "Parent Teacher Night", Zim has the Robo-Parents attend a meeting with Ms. Bitters with disastrous results; in "Backseat Drivers from Beyond the Stars" the Robo-Parents go completely and cause mass-scale havoc for Zim. The Robo-Parents also made several other small appearances such as in "Zim Eats Waffles", "Bloaty's Pizza Hog" and "The Girl Who Cried Gnome". It was planned to have an episode featuring the Robo-Parents called "Roboparents gone Wild".

The voices of the Robo-Parents were provided by Michael McDonald and Mo Collins, two comedians who were regulars on the sketch show, MADtv.


Featured in the episode "Plague of Babies", Shnooky is a leader of a fictional alien race named the Nhar-Gh'ok which look identical to human babies. He was stranded on Earth when the Nhar-Gh'ok mother ship accidentally beamed aboard human babies when the Nhar-Gh'ok soldiers were ready to return from their information gathering mission. Shnooky was forced to take the identity of Noogums, a human baby who was beamed aboard the mother ship. Seven years later, Zim became Shnooky's neighbor. Shnooky witnessed Zim without his disguise and led the Nhar-Gh'ok soldiers into Zim's base with the intention of taking Zim's Voot Cruiser. Currently, Shnooky is now as stupid as a human baby, due to Zim using a power amplifier to send waves of stupidness from GIR into the Nhar-Gh'oks. Shnooky also has a brief cameo in "Tak, The Hideous New Girl".

He is voiced by Phil LaMarr.

Zim's Computer

Zim's computer is just that. It is rather annoyed by Zim's constant screaming and demands. He is the brain of the house, and when Zim said he wanted his entire army to see Minimoose, demanding GIR search the house for the computer, the computer replies "Master, I AM the house." He argues with Zim a lot, although he is never listened to. Although Zim claims to have paid him in "Walk for Your Lives", his response was that Zim never pays him at all. Also, in the episode Tak, the Hideous New Girl, Gaz asks the computer if the house has any video games. The computer's reply was ", not really."

Zim's Computer is voiced by Jhonen Vasquez. After recording is done, his voice is (usually) lowered in pitch.


A tiny, rounded moose figure, presented as Zim's other henchman. He might have debuted in the unfinished episode "Nubs of Doom", but, due to it being incomplete, he instead appeared first in the final episode, "The Most Horrible X-mas Ever". This would make Zim's comment that he's been around all this time a reference to the fact that his creation should have been seen already.

Minimoose was created by Zim from designs given by Vortian Prisoner #777 (which may be a reference to the Wall Monster from Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, one of Vasquez's other creations). He has extremely dangerous weapons hidden in his "nubs", which could be either the small antlers on the sides of his head or the four bumps that serve as his legs. However, these weapons malfunction on their first attempted use, in the unfinished script "Nubs of Doom". Zim created Minimoose to replace Gir, out of sheer frustration with the insane little robot. When Minimoose failed, Zim gave him to Gir to play with.

His favourite activities include floating and squeaking, the only form of communication of which he is capable. The actual personality of Minimoose is unknown, as he is incapable of communicating intelligibly, even though it seems his listeners understand him quite clearly. Implications by the context of surrounding dialogue to the squeaks imply that a single squeak from Minimoose can convey a rather large amount of verbiage. Had the show continued, he would have played a major role, as shown in two unfinished scripts, "Nubs of Doom" and "Day of da Spookies" Minimoose's squeaks and squeals were done by Jhonen Vasquez under his alias, Mr. Scolex.

Minimoose also appeared in Jhonen Vazquez's comic book adaptation of Invader Zim, which was featured in a Nickelodeon Magazine, along with an interview.

MiniMoose is an object in the Active Worlds universe DotSoul.

It should also be noted that the Zim figure in the Invader Zim toyline had MiniMoose as an accsesory.

The spooky chihuahua

A small, chihuahua-like dog with a lobotomy scar and a strange right eyeball. Everybody, especially Zim, seems to greatly fear this dog and shriek in horror when it is spotted. Intended to be a running gag, Zim screamed "MADNESS!" at the sight of the dog in Walk of Doom, He also appeared in Walk for Your Lives, but wasn't referred to as "madness" but rather "Dog with meat. DOG WITH MEAT!". In some episodes he was referred to as Meat Dog. The Dog would seem to be an indirect reference to Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, as Johnny remarks that he encountered a Chihuahua and had a similar reaction to it as Zim. The DVD commentary explains that the character was eventually abandoned.


A mutated hamster that appeared in "Hamstergeddon". He was the pet of Zim's class, and after noticing that humans find hamsters cute, he decides to mutate and use him to control the world.; however, after growing too much, even Zim loses control over him, forcing him to find a way to stop him.

The Planet Jackers

Appeared on the episode of the same name. They are from a race whom planet orbits a dying sun, so they must steal planets and throw them into it to keep it alive. After they steal the Earth, Zim must stop them to complete his mission. The planet jackers are Oog-Ah, a big creature that seems violent and likes "burning critters"; and Nik, a small guy that likes to make conversation.

Nightmare Bitters and "Halloweenies"

Appeared on "Haloween Spectacular of Spooky Doom" are the monsters that live inside Dib's head. Their leader looks like Ms. Bitters but has resemblance to a spider; she wears a purple shirt that says "BAD". Her minions are called "Halloweenies" by Zim. When one of them fails in its mission, Nighmare Bitters sends him into the "Realm of eternal screaming and restlessness". They want to capture Dib so they can escape though his head to the outside world.


An extremely obese guy that uses a pig costume and appears on the commercials of Bloaty's Pizza Hog. He makes once the comment that he "Hates his life". He removes his suit on the episode "Bloaty's Pizza Hog" revealing that his is much more fat without his suit.


Appeared on "Rise of the Zitboy". Not a real character, Pustulio is the pimple that appeared on Zim's face after trying to clean himself with bacon that GIR replaced instead of soap. Then, GIR draws a face on it, that gives him hypnotic powers that Zim decides to use to make Dib tell him the flaws on his defense system. Zim disguises the pimple with a puppet's body.


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