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Creature_Name = Pleiadeans

Image_Caption = Pleiades star cluster
Grouping = Extraterrestrial
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AKA = Plejarens,
Pleiadian (alternate spelling),
Country = Switzerland,
United States
Region = Pleiades
Habitat =
First_Reported =
Last_Sighted = Present day
Status = Unconfirmed

Pleiadeans (also spelled Pleiadian or Plejaran) is the name given to what are said to be a group of Nordic alien extraterrestrials and "multidimensional spirit beings" from the Pleiades star cluster in the constellation of Taurus, approximately 400 light years from planet Earth. cite web| last =Hyena| first =Hank| title =Pleidian Warning: Evil Lizards and Sex Slaves!|yourmom publisher =San Francisco Chronicle| date =May 18, 1999| url =| accessdate =2007-05-01] Their home planet is said to be called Erra, and various descriptions of their appearance have been given by those whom claim have been in contact with them. Huntley, Noel (2002) "Ets and Aliens: Who Are They? and Why Are They Here?", Xlibris Corporation, ISBN 140104073X]

Contactees who claim to have been in contact with the Pleiadeans include Billy Meier cite web| last =Stuttaford| first =Andrew| title =Spirits in the Sky| publisher =National Review| date =January 17, 2003| url =| accessdate = 2007-05-01] Frissell, Robert (2002) "Nothing in This Book Is True, But It's Exactly How Things Are", Frog, ISBN 1583940677] cite web| last =Ortega| first =Tony| title =The Hack and the Quack| publisher =Phoenix New Times| date =March 5, 1998| url =| accessdate = 2007-05-01] and James Gilliland cite web | last =Bures | first =Frank | authorlink = | coauthors = | title =Aliens, Anomalies, and Absurbity at Mt. Adams | work = | publisher =The Portland Mercury | date =September 2001
url = | format = | doi = | accessdate =2007-05-01
] ; their reliability as witnesses is disputed.


The Pleiadean first appeared in accounts given by self-styled contactee Billy MeierFact|date=April 2008, a Swiss national who claimed they visited him several times, starting in the 1940s. According to Meier's accounts the Pleiadeans (which he spelled Plejaran) originate from the planet Erra - which is supposed to be located in an alternate dimension that is a fraction of a second ahead of ours - and are outwardly similar to humans. Meier said that they contacted him in person or via telepathy. During the 1970s, Meier produced a number of photographs which he said were of Pleiadean ships, as well as sketches that he said were of Pleiadeans themselves. Barranger Jack, Tice Paul (2000) "Mysteries Explored: The Search for Human Origins, UFOs, and Religious Beginnings", Book Tree, ISBN 1585091014] They have since been the subject of intense criticism from skeptics.

Meier's Pleiadeans were said to be spiritual and in touch with nature, and they became a component of the New Age movement during the 1970s, where they were depicted as being a peace loving race of Space Brothers which was said to be warning contactees that humanity was heading towards self destruction, and offering them alternative philosophies to avert such an eventuality. Marcus, George E. (1999) "Paranoia Within Reason: A Casebook on Conspiracy as Explanation", University of Chicago Press, ISBN 0226504581]

During the 1980s and early 1990s, accounts of Pleiadean given by people other than Meiers began to diverge from earlier New Age concepts. In these alternative accounts, the Pleiadean were said to be one side in a cloak and dagger confrontation over the fate of humanity. Such account worked in a number of preexisting urban myth and Conspiracy theories, including the New World Order and Reptilian humanoid conspiracies, as well as variations on the Illuminati and CIA mind control conspiracies, which were not found in Meier's original accounts. In some cases, such as claims made by self-professed medium Barbara Marciniak, accounts of contact with Pleiadeans were also intermixed with the millennium (now passed) and American end times philosophies.


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