TMS may be an abbreviation for:


*Tabb Middle School, a middle school in Yorktown, Virginia
*Tamanend Middle School, a middle school in Pennsylvania
*Temasek Secondary School, a secondary school in Bedok, Singapore
*The Machine Stops, a Pennsylvania rock band
*The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society, a professional organization for materials scientists and engineers
*Tokyo Movie Shinsha, a major Japanese animation studio now known as TMS Entertainment
*Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc., an American subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation which handles sales and distribution of Toyota and Scion automobiles in the United States
*Triadelphia Middle School, a school located near Wheeling, West Virginia
*Tribune Media Services, a syndication company owned by the Tribune Company
*Toronto Montessori Schools, a Montessori school in Richmond Hill, Ontario
*Tyrrell Middle School, a middle school in Wolcott, Connecticut
*Tactical Mercinary Squad, a steam group


*Tetramethylsilane, a chemical compound
*Trimethylsilanol, an organosilicon chemical compound
*Trimethylsilyl, a functional group in chemistry

Medicine & psychology

*Tension myositis syndrome, a medical diagnosis for psychogenic back pain, and various musculoskeletal issues
*Traumatic masturbatory syndrome, a hypothetical medical condition
*Transcranial magnetic stimulation, a psychological or medical research and treatment technique


*Tennis Masters Series, a former name for the Association of Tennis Professionals' Masters Series, a professional tennis tour
*Test Match Special, a United Kingdom radio programme providing live commentary on cricket matches
*Texas Motor Speedway, race track in Fort Worth Texas
*TMS Ringsted, a Danish handball club, competing in the Danish Handball League

Film Industry

*T M Soundararajan, a leading Tamil Film Industry singer


*Tape Management System, computer software used for the management of computer backup tapes.
*Thai MapleStory, a 2D side-scrolling Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game
*Tile Map Service, A GIS specification for providing rendered map tiles at fixed scales, similar to Google maps.
*TrackMania Sunrise, a computer racing game
*Advanced traffic management system, a subsystem of an Intelligent Transportation System
*Transportation management system, a category of logistics software products
*Transport management system, an SAP process for managing transports
*Truth maintenance system, a knowledge representation method
*Too Much Security, an increasingly common situation caused by security mania in corporate IT and in general, often resulting in negative consequences.

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