Holmes (surname)

Holmes (surname)

Holmes is a surname, and may refer to many people. Since "holm" is a Scandinavian word meaning "a small island", people bearing the name might either have a Scandinavian ancestry or have a surname derived from a place which gained its name from a Scandinavian presence at some past time (e.g. presence of Scandinavians in early medieval Britain during the Danelaw).

People by first name


* Adam Holmes, English mathematician and musician
* Alan Holmes, Welsh musician and record producer
* Alex Holmes
* Alfred Holmes, (1931-1994) sergeant of the Gibraltar Regiment
* Andrew Holmes (d. 1814), American army officer
* Andy Holmes
* Anthony Holmes, (1940-) Author and Egyptologist
* Arthur Holmes (1890–1965), British geologist
* Arthur F. Holmes
* Ashton Holmes


* Besby Holmes
* Burton Holmes


* Catherine Holmes, Australian judge
* Charles Holmes
* Chris Holmes (musician), American musician
* Clarence Holmes, also known as "Ready Rock C", American musician
* Clent Holmes, guitarist


* Daniel Henry Holmes
* Dave Holmes , American television personality
* Dave Holmes (sportscaster)
* David Holmes (actor)
* David Holmes (1769–1832), American politician
* David Holmes, American sportscaster
* David Holmes, Irish DJ, musician and composer
* David L. Holmes, Walter G. Mason Professor of Religious Studies, specialist in Anglican history at the College of William and Mary
* Derek Holmes
* Diane Holmes, Canadian politician
* Donald Holmes, American inventor


* Eamonn Holmes
* Earl Holmes
* Edmond Holmes (1850–1936), English writer and poet.
* Edwin Holmes (American), American inventor of the burglar alarm (in 1858)
* Edwin Holmes (–1919), British astronomer
* Edwin R. Holmes
* Edwin T. Holmes, son of Edwin Holmes (American)
* Emma Holmes
* Enola Holmes, sister of fictional detective Sherlock Holmes, character created by Nancy Springer
* Eric Holmes
* Ernest Holmes (1887–1960), founder of the movement known as Religious Science, also known as "Science of Mind," a part of the New Thought Movement
* Ernie Holmes
* Errol Holmes


* Frank Holmes
* Frederick William Holmes, English soldier


* Gabriel Holmes (1769–1829), American politician
* Gavrielle Holmes
* George Holmes, Chichele Professor of Medieval History Emeritus at the University of Oxford
* George Frederick Holmes
* George M. Holmes, U.S. politician
* Gordon Holmes, pseudonym used by Louis Tracy
* Gordon Morgan Holmes
* Greg Holmes


* Dr. Hamilton E. Holmes (1941–1995), U.S. physician (orthopedist) who helped desegregate the University of Georgia as one of the first two African-American students
**H. E. Holmes (MARTA station), a passenger rail station in Atlanta, Georgia named for Dr. Hamilton E. Holmes
* Hap Holmes (1889–1940), Canadian professional ice hockey goalie
* Helen Holmes, American actress
* Henry Holmes (1839-1905), English composer and professor of violin
* Herman Webster Mudgett Alias for H.H. Holmes
* H. H. Holmes (1861–1896) American serial killer
* Howdy Holmes
* Hugh Holmes


* Jacob Holmes
* Jackie Holmes, American Formula One driver
* Jake Holmes
* James Holmes
* Jennifer Holmes
* Jerome Holmes
* Jessica Holmes (b. 1973), Canadian comedian and actor
* Joan Holmes
* Joe Holmes
* Joel Holmes, English soldier
* John Holmes:
**John Holmes (actor) (1944–1988), pornographic film star.
**John Holmes (British diplomat)
**John Holmes (Canadian senator) (1789–1876), a Canadian Senator.
**John Holmes (Canadian MP) (1828–1879), a Canadian Liberal-Conservative Member of Parliament representing Carleton
**John Holmes, American football player
**John Holmes (Ontario politician)
**John Holmes (mercenary), Anglo-Indian mercenary in the Punjab
**John Holmes (U.S. politician) (1773–1843), member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Massachusetts
**John B. Holmes (a.k.a. J. B. Holmes), American golfer
**John Clellon Holmes (1926–1988), poet, novelist and essayist of the Beat Generation
**John Eric Holmes, author and promotor of fantasy role-playing games,
**John Haynes Holmes (1879–1964), Unitarian minister and prominent peace and civil liberties activist
**John Robert Holmes (b. 1927), Canadian Progressive Conservative Member of Parliament representing Lambton-Kent.
* Jon Holmes, British comedy writer and broadcaster
*Joseph Holmes
* Josh Holmes
* Julie Lynn Holmes


* Katie Holmes (b. 1978), American actress
* Kelda Holmes
* Dame Kelly Holmes (b. 1970), a British middle distance athlete
* Kris Holmes (b. 1950), a type designer


* Larry Holmes (b. 1949), American boxer
* Larry Holmes (Marxist)
* Lee Holmes
* Len Holmes


* Mark Holmes (born 1960), American judge
* Martha Holmes (photographer), American photographer
* Martha Holmes (broadcaster), British marine biologist, TV journalist and producer
* Mary Holmes, American golf coach
* Matt Holmes, Australian actor
* Matthew Holmes (1844-1903), chief mechanical engineer of the North British Railway
* Michelle Holmes
* Mike Holmes, Canadian professional contractor and host of "Holmes on Homes"
* Mike Holmes (football player), a Canadian Football League receiver who played for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers
* Mycroft Holmes, brother of the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes


* Nick Holmes (b. 1971), British singer


* Oliver Wendell Holmes the elder (1809–1894), poet and essayist
* Oliver Wendell Holmes the younger (1841–1935), justice of the Supreme Court of the United States


* Paul Holmes (academic)
* Paul Holmes, New Zealand radio and television broadcaster
* Paul Holmes (b. 1957), politician in the United Kingdom
* Pehr G. Holmes
* Percy Holmes (1886-1971), English cricketer
* Peter Holmes (born 1980), English footballer
* Philip Holmes
* Phillips Holmes
* Priest Holmes (b. 1973), American football player


* Ray Holmes
* Rand Holmes, (1942–2002) Canadian comic artist
* Richard Holmes (1931–1991), American jazz organist
* Richard Holmes (b. 1941), British military historian
* Robert Holmes:
**Robert A. "Bob" Holmes, Georgia state legislator
**Robert C. Holmes (1928–1986), English TV scriptwriter
**Robert D. Holmes (1909–1976), governor of Oregon
**Robert E. Holmes (1922–2004)), Ohio state supreme court justice
**Sir Robert Holmes (1622–1692), English admiral
**Robert Holmes, guitarist for the band 'Til Tuesday
**Robert Holmes, wrote music for computer games
* Rupert Holmes (b. 1947), British composer and writer

* Samuel Jackson Holmes
* Santonio Holmes
* Scott Holmes
* Sherlock Holmes (fictional character)
* Simon Hugh Holmes (1831–1919), Nova Scotia politician, publisher and lawyer
* Stanley Holmes, 1st Baron Dovercourt
* Steve Holmes
* Susan Carter Holmes


* Taylor Holmes
* Terry Holmes
* Theophilus H. Holmes (1804–1880), Confederate Civil War lieutenant general
* Thomas William Holmes
* Tim Holmes
* Tina Holmes
* Tom Holmes (b. 1930s), current chairman of the far-right British political party, the National Front
* Tommy Holmes


* Valerie Susan Holmes


* William Holmes (General)
* William Edgar Holmes, English soldier
* William Henry Holmes (1846–1933), American anthropologist, archaeologist, geologist and museum director

Others by last name

* Janet Holmes a Court (b. 1943), Australian businesswoman
* Robert Holmes a Court
* Holmes Rolston III, philosopher, author, and professor
* Derek St. Holmes

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