Period of Adjustment

Period of Adjustment

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director = George Roy Hill
producer = Lawrence Weingarten
writer = Isobel Lennart
Tennessee Williams
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starring = Anthony Franciosa
Jane Fonda
Jim Hutton
Lois Nettleton
John McGiver
music = Lyn Murray
cinematography = Paul Vogel
editing = Fredric Steinkamp
distributor = Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
released = October 31, 1962
runtime = 112 min
country = USA
language = English
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Period of Adjustment is a 1960 play by Tennessee Williams that was adapted for the screen in 1962, in a film directed by George Roy Hill and starring Jane Fonda. Both the stage and film versions are set on Christmas Eve and tell the gentle, light-hearted story of two couples, one newlywed and the other married for five years, both experiencing pains and difficulties in their relationships. The two male characters are war veterans (Korean War). The younger of the two suffers from post traumatic stress (shellshock, battle fatigue, combat stress reaction), while the older man suffers from feelings of inadequacy towards his wife, the daughter of his boss. However, the observance of each other’s troubles brings both couple to realize what they have and to reconcile their own relationships.

Williams wrote the first draft of the play in November 1958, "in a rush of activity partly induced by drugs." [cite book |last=Spoto |first=Donald |authorlink= Donald Spoto |title=The Kindness of Strangers: The Life of Tennessee Williams |year=1985 |publisher=Little Brown |location=Boston |id=ISBN 0-306-80805-6 p. 228.] It was workshopped for a week in December 1958 and officially premiered at the Helen Hayes Theatre on Broadway on November 10, 1960. The play, which Williams subtitled "a serious comedy," was a departure from the playwright's usual dark dramas, and was written partly in response to a Hollywood columnist who had asked why his plays were always "plunging into the sewers." [,,1711289,00.html Delicate people | Review | Guardian Unlimited Books ] ] Williams responded to the criticism by writing "Period of Adjustment" and arguing, in a piece that ran in "The New York Times",The play received average reviews and closed March 4, 1961 after 132 performances. In February 2006, the play was revived at the Almeida Theatre.


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