Khana Ratsadon

Khana Ratsadon

Khana Ratsadon (คณะราษฎร), or the People's Party, frequently mistakenly written as Khana Rat (คณะราษฎร์), was the group of Thai people staging the bloodless coup in the reign of Phra Bat Somdet Phra Poramin Maha Prajadhipok and transferring the Thai administration from absolute monarchy to constitutional monarchy on 24 June 1932.

Khana Ratsadon consisted of 91 members, those from the Royal Thai Army were headed by General Phahon Phonphayuhasena (Phot Phahonyothin), the Royal Thai Navy, Group Commander Luang Sinthusongkhramchai (Sin Kamonlanawin) and the Civil Servant, Major Minister Luang Praditmanutham (Pridi Phanomyong).

In the first meeting held in Paris, February 1927, the Party determined the sixfold objective which was later called the "Six Principles", as follows:

:1. To maintain the sovereignty of the Thai people.:2. To maintain the national security.:3. To maintain the economic welfare of the Thai people in accordance to the National Economical Project.:4. To protect the equality of the Thai people.:5. To maintain the people's rights and liberties insofar as they are not inconsistent any of the above-mentioned principles.:6. To provide the public the education.

Members of Khana Ratsadon

Military Side
# General Phahon Phonphayuhasena (Phot Phahonyothin), as Head of the Military Side and Leader of Khana Ratsadon
# Captain Luang Chamnanyutthasin (Choei Rayanan)
# Captain Luang Katsongkhram (Thian Kengradomying)
# Captain Luang Kriangsakphichit (Khuan Chittakhun)
# Captain Luang Chansongkhram (Phan Chalichan)
# Captain Luang Chawengsaksongkhram (Chuang Khwanchoet)
# Captain Luang Thatsanainiyomsuek (Thatsanai Mittraphakdi)
# Captain Luang Phrommayothi (Mangkon Phonchiwin)
# Captain Luang Ronnasitthiphichai (Chuea Kanchanaphinthu)
# Captain Luang Sawatronnarong (Sawat Darasawat)
# Captain Luang Seriroengrit (Charun Rattanakun)
# Captain Luang Adundetcharat (Bat Phuengphrakhun)
# Lieutenant Khun Sucharitronnakan (Phong Nakhanut)
# Lieutenant Khun Chamnongphummiwet (Chamnong Siwaphaet)
# Lieutenant Khun Nirandonchai (Sawek Nilanchai)
# Lieutenant Khun Phiphatsorakan (Theng Phatthanasiri)
# Lieutenant Khun Plotporapak (Plot Phanusawa)
# Lieutenant Khun Rueangwirayut (Bunrueang Wirahong)
# Lieutenant Khun Wimonsorakit (Wimon Kengrian)
# Lieutenant Khun Sisarakon (Chalo Sithanakon)
# Lieutenant Chai Prathipasen
# Lieutenant Thuan Wichaikhatthakha
# Lieutenant Nom Ketunuti
# Minor Lieutenant Charun Chittralak
# Minor Lieutenant Saman Thephatsadin Na Ayutthaya
# Minor Lieutenant Udom Phutthikasetarin
# Group Commander Luang Sinthusongkhramchai (Sin Kamalanavin)
# Lieutenant Commander Luang Supphachalasai (Bung Supphachalasai)
# Major Luang Wichakkonlayut (Sian Susin)
# Senior Lieutenant Luang Thamrongnawasawat (Thawan Tharisawat)
# Senior Lieutenant Luang Nawawichit (Phan Amphaiwan)
# Senior Lieutenant Luang Nithetkonlakit (Klang Rotchanasena)
# Senior Lieutenant Luang Sangworayutthakit (Sangson Suwannachip)
# Senior Lieutenant Sa-ngop Charunphon
# Senior Lieutenant Chalit Kunkamthon
# Senior Lieutenant Sa-nguan Ruchirapha
# Junior Lieutenant Chip Siriphaibun
# Junior Lieutenant Thonglo Khamhiran
# Junior Lieutenant Prasoet Suksamai
# Junior Lieutenant Wan Ruyuphon
# Ensign Chan Ratsamithat
# Ensign Thongdi Ra-ngapphai
# Mr. Chamrat Suwannachip.

* Civil Side
# Major Minister Luang Praditmanutham (Pridi Phanomyong), as Head of the Civil Side and Vice Leader of Khana Ratsadon
# Major Minister Luang Sariratchamaitri (Charun Singhaseni)
# Deputy First-grade Minister Luang Kowit-aphaiwong (Khuang Aphaiwong)
# Major Court Official Luang Naruebetmanit (Sa-nguan Chuthatemi)
# Deputy High Minister Luang Chamnanitikaset (Uthai Saengmani)
# Deputy High Minister Luang Atthasanraprasit (Thongyen Lilamia)
# Deputy High Minister Luang Atthakitikamchon (Klueng Phahomyonh)
# Deputy High Minister Luang Sunthonthephatsadin (Saphrang Thephatsadin Na Ayutthaya)
# Deputy High Minister Luang Dechatiwongwarawat (M.L. Kri Dechatiwong)
# Deputy High Minister Tua Laphanukrom
# Deputy High Minister Prachuap Bunnak
# Deputy High Minister M.L. Udom Sanitwong
# Mr. Naep Phahonlayothin
# Deputy Minor Minister Thawi Bunyaket
# Junior Lieutenant Prayun Phamonmontri
# Mr. Wilat Osathanon
# Deputy Minor Minister Charun Suepsaeng
# Mr. Leng Sisonwong
# Mr. Direk Chainam
# Mr. Wichian Suwannathat
# Deputy Minor Minister Chun Pinthanon
# Mr. Sawat Sotthithat
# Mr. Chittasen Pancha
# Mr. Yong Phonlabun
# Mr. Ek Supphapodok
# Mr. Surin Chinothai
# Mr. Siri Chatinan
# Mr. Chaliao Pathimmarot
# Mr. Banchong Sicharun
# Mr. Prasoet Sicharun
# Mr. Chaeng Muttafa
# Mr. Karim Sicharun
# Mr. Sa-nguan Tularak
# Mr. Sim Wirawaithaya
# Mr. Nguan Thongprasoet
# Mr. Pramot Phuengsunthon
# Mr. Charoen Pantharo
# Mr. Thongpleo Chonlaphum
# Mr. Phadoem Angsuwat
# Mr. Chup Salayachiwin
# Mr. Klin Thephatsadin Na Ayutthaya
# Mr. Son Bunchung
# Mr. Yon Samananon
# Mr. Yin Samananon
# Police Lieutenant Choei Kalanchai
# Police Lieutenant Thiang Chaloemsak.

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* Sombat Thamrongthanyawong. (2006) Kan mueang kan pok khrong thai phoso 1762-2500. (Fourth publication). Sematham Publishing House : Bangkok.

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