Azerbaijan Air Defense Force

Azerbaijan Air Defense Force

Azerbaijani Air Defensive has about 3,500 personnel under serviceFact|date=July 2007. There are some installations of the Cold War era left by the Soviets in 1990. The Gabala OTH Radar in Azerbaijan is the main early warning capability of the Azerbaijan Air Defense Force. The radar station has a range of up to 6,000 kilometres (3,728 mi), and was designed to detect missile launches as far as from the Indian Ocean.

Cooperation with U.S.

The U.S. also provided Azerbaijani military with the latest radar technology in 2006. In the same year, plans were announced for the U.S. to modernize one radar station near the Iranian border at Lerik and another near the border with Georgia at Agstafa. Joint work has also commenced on two radar stations on the Russia-Azerbaijani border and Iran-Azerbaijani border to monitor Caspian Sea traffic. [ [ Azerbaijan & U.S. joint installations] ] [ [ U.S. radars in Azerbaijan] ]

Missile system

Azerbaijan has also a wide missile system covering the Azeri Aerospace. The NATO designated SA-2 Guideline (original name S-75) has been installed in and around Baku and additional installations are near the border with Iran and Dagestan. Some are installed to defend against Armenian aircraft. Among them are the medium range SA-4, for short range SA-8 and the SA-13 mobile SAM vehicles.

The Azeris also have many lighter AA guns and shoulder launched SAMs.

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