Love Me with All Your Heart

Love Me with All Your Heart

"Love Me with All Your Heart" is a popular song, based on the Spanish language song "Cuando calienta el sol". The music was written by Rafael Gaston Perez, a Nicaraguan songwriter and bandleader, and made famous first by the Rigual Brothers. The English lyrics are sometimes credited to Michael Vaughn (or Maurice Vaughn) and sometimes to Sunny Skylar. The song was published in 1961. Although both the Spanish and the English versions are love songs, the lyrics are not translations of each other. The Spanish title translates as "When the sun heats (or warms) up". A version recorded by The Ray Charles Singers went to number three on the Billboard Hot 100 and spent four weeks at number one on the Pop-Standard singles chart in June 1964.[1]


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  • Song lyric (including original Spanish lyric and a French version)

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