Subparhelic circle

Subparhelic circle

The subparhelic circle is a rare halo, an optical phenomenon located below the horizon. It passes through both the subsun, below the sun, and the antisolar point, opposite to the sun. The subparhelic circle is the subhorizon counterpart to the parhelic circle located above the horizon.

Located on the subparhelic circle are several relatively rare optical phenomena: The subsun, the subparhelia, the (still undocumented) 120° subparhelia, Liljequist subparhelia, the diffuse arcs, and the Parry antisolar arcs.cite web
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(including a computer simulation.)] cite web
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(including a photo and a computer simulation.)]

On the accompanying photo centred on the antisolar point, the subparhelic circle is viewable as a gently curved horizontal line intercepted by anthelic arcs.cite web
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title = Subhorizon diffuse arcs with Liljequist subparhelia | author = Jarmo Moilanen
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* 120° parhelion
* Anthelion

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